Chapter 117. Version

117.1. New Functions

117.1.1. Make Hard Values

Added a function to make values in the programmer hard values instead of palette values. This function can be accessed in the Programmer Window, View Levels with SHIFT + MAKE HARD. All attributes of the currently selected heads that are active in the programmer are made hard (non palette) values. If no heads are selected then all heads in the programmer are affected.

Keyboard shortcuts are also available by holding POS, COL, BEAM, * or one of the attribute soft buttons and pressing INC. This operates in a similar way to making channels active using SET, knocking out channels using REMOVE or partial locating channels with LOCATE.

117.1.2. DMX Universe Merge

A new option has been added to test options in Setup, View DMX I/O to enable a complete universe to be merged with the input universe. This makes it easy to merge a whole universe - previously it was necessary to set up all 512 channels in the Patch Window to Merge.

117.1.3. CITP (MSEX) live feeds

MagicQ now supports live feeds over CITP (MSEX) for use in the MagicQ Pixel Mapper and for user display on MagicQ. Live feeds do not have to come from a Media Server, they can come from any CITP (MSEX) source such as PixelBeetle or MSexLord. Multiple different live feeds from multiple different source PC/Macs is supported.

Each Live Feed Stream is treated as a Media Server with type of "CITP Feed". The Media Server IP address should be set to the IPa address of the PC/Mac providing the feed and "Thumbs" and "Live Previews" should be enabled.

To set up multiple live feeds from one PC/Mac then set up multiple identical Media Server entries - each with the IP of the live feed source and "thumbs" and "Live Previews" enabled. The entries do not have to be adjacent media servers in the list. MagicQ will only make one MSEX connection to the PC/Mac but will grab the previews for the multiple sources through this connection.

Live Feeds can be used in the Pixel Mapper by selecting Media Folder as "Live Feed" and selecting Media File as the "Server number".

The received Live Feeds can be viewed in the Media Window by selecting View Outputs instead of View Servers on the left most soft button.

Note that a 2nd Media Window can be opened by pressing CTRL and Media or by pressing 2 then Media. This enables the 2nd Media Window to be used for displaying live feeds whilst the first is used for controlling media servers.

117.1.4. Other Changes

It is now possible to invert the current sub selection by pressing 0 NEXT HEAD.

Added an option to Setup, View Settings, Windows, Icon Size to hide Playback snapshots.

117.1.5. MagicHD

Media layer "Mirror/Flip" channel has a new horizontal and vertical mirroring feature: the media is reflected about the centre of the screen. The old "mirror" function is now called "horizontal flip". This feature is designed to be used in conjunction with the "scroll" physical effect, so that media clips can be mirrored to remove edge jumps when they scroll.

Added "Scroll to Index" to media layer physical effects. This uses two FX parameters to directly control the scrolled position of the layer. Switching between Scroll to Index and Scroll does not reset the scrolled position, so (for example) Scroll to Index can be used to set the start point, then Scroll will scroll from that point.

Added "Tile" to media layer physical effects. This uses parameter 1 to control horizontal tiling, parameter 2 to control vertical tiling, and parameter 3 to control mirroring of alternate tiles.

Added physical effect and parameters to the output layer. At the moment this only supports the new "tile" effect.

117.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem in v1.6.6.7 whereby turning a chase speed to 0s caused a reset.

Fixed colour problem with Media live previews when connected to MBox via MSEX.

Fixed problem with some Pro 2014 consoles reporting as Expert 2014s.

Fixed problem with Automation DMX display #0009247

Fixed problem with intensity mixing of playbacks using "All Channels controlled LTP".

Fixed problem when using "Go Reasserts Channels" = "Non Tracked" - channels would snap instead of fading.

117.2.1. MagicHD

Fixed problem when selecting a mask that used a PNG file with a uniform transparency layer. #0009117.

Fixed window size dialogue box so top left corner values work properly.

If "no border" has been selected, this is handled properly at startup so the window starts with no border.

Fixed problem with MagicHD reporting the incorrect type on MSEX - it previously sent "MagicHD" instead of "MediaServer". This may have caused some Visualisers or other consoles not to be able to retrieve thumbnails or live previews correctly.