Chapter 121. Version

121.1. MagicHD

It is now possible to fix the size and position of the MagicHD window when it starts, and to turn off the border and menu. These options are available through the new view→window menu.

MagicHD output can be sent to a separate window, with the menu and status remaining on a control window on the primary monitor.

The convert media files dialogue box now allows multiple files to be converted in one go.

121.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem in on Mac with window focus - clicking in a window could end up affecting a window below the one pressed. This could be worked around by only opening the windows required.

Fixed problem with MagicQ on Mac whereby it was not possible to use CTRL to select layouts or any other CTRL function within a window. This affected all Mac versions from #0008675

Problems with crashing on Quit in Mac version #0008182, #0008184

Fixed problem with Pro 2010 console external screens in recent betas - the output resolution was only 1024x768 even if higher was selected.

Fixed problem with Pro 2010 console showing jpeg and bitmap images on the Pro 2010 in recent software versions. This affected the splash screen and thumbnails from media servers.

121.2.1. MagicHD

Fixed problem where rebuilt index was not re-read unless MagicHD was restarted. Fixed occasional crashing on startup and/or shutdown of MagicHD.