Chapter 126. Version

126.1. New Functions

126.1.1. Fader controls FX Size / Group Size Masters

Fade time support has been added to Playbacks set to Fader controls FX Size and to Group Size Masters. Previously there were no fade times and moving the faders would cause jerky movements.

For Fader controls FX size the FX In Fade and FX Out Fade times in the Cue, View Times, View General control the time. As you move the fader to a new level it changes the size over that time - so from the time you stop moving the fader it takes no longer than the fade time to go to the new size.

For Group Masters as there is no FX in the Group Master itself, then the Int In, Int Out, Pos, Colour, Beam times from the Cue, View Times, View General control the time.

126.1.2. Other changes

Record Merging to a Cue Stack with only one step no longer prompts for Single Step or Entire Cue Stack. #0000794

Patch Window Enoder A Universe did not follow cursor position in the View Chans view #0007464

Added generation of split colour icons when recording a new colour palette.

When loading from USB, MagicQ now always saves to a default name on the hard drive, even if the user does not request a save, to avoid saving back to the USB stick.

Modified Execute View Max mode so that Encoders on any connected Wing control attributes as follows:

Enc X - Pan Enc Y - Tilt Enc A - Cyan Enc B - Magenta Enc C - Yellow

MagicQ now supports an inbuilt help viewer under the HELP button.

126.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem in Execute Window with Cue Stacks with automatic release at end and release times - the release time was ignored. Also affected Cue Stacks in the Stack Store triggered from Cue Stack Macros. #0007854

Fixed problem with releasing of a playback with FX channels when another playback had used those channels in a FX in a previous step - the FX channels could erroneously continue at full size. #0007371

Fixed problem with update/merging on inactive Playbacks. Updating or merging to the 2nd or higher Cue in the Cue Stack would not have immediate effect. #0008168

Fixed problem with pixelmapping intensity on RGB heads - it was inverted. This caused problem when trying to pixelmap intensity on a combination of CMY and RGB fixtures.

Fixed setting icons for palettes on the slave console in a multi console set up.

Fixed problem with Output Window, Grid View - if no grid size was defined the window would not clear properly.

Fixed problem when generating Intensity Masters from Groups with fixtures with VDIMs. If the fixtures that have VDIMs do not have Red (Cyan) as the first channel in the personality then the intensity master would not contain the vdim for that head.

Fixed problem when copying groups with virtual dimmers to playbacks to make intensity faders. #0004919

Fixed pixelmapper colour blending mode for Add overflowing if the sum of the layers was over 100%. This is now "Increment (remainder)", in addition to "Decrement (remainder)" which underflows. "Add" now limits to 100% and "Subtract" limits to 0%.

Fixed MagicHD layer intensity fader curve. This removes the "dark dip" seen as a layer fades up over another layer. #0008287

Fixed problem with using touch/stylus/pen touch on Windows systems (mostly Windows 8). Mouse clicks would work but touches would not. #0006556