Chapter 127. Version

Added support for Pixelmap preview of layers in Media Window.

Added extra options for touch screen disabling in Setup, View Settings, Hardware to enable unreliabel touch screens to continue to be used.

Added front view to Vis plots #7514

Make playback S+Go option available on main playbacks as well as wing playbacks to allow PAUSE on a Mini Wing.

127.1. Bug Fixes

Improved MQ40/60/70 speed when using Encoder E to modify cursor selected items.

Fixed problem where MagicVis would occasionally crash when moving fixtures around.

Fixed problem with Pro2014 audio input where the input level was defaulting to 0.

Fixed problem with Exec window images when the All caps or First letter caps was in use. #0008148

Fixed window refresh problem in Cue Window when using NEXT STEP, PREV STEP buttons. #0008154

Fixed problem when editing FX palette in Programmer, Cue Windows. #0007052

Fixed problem with layouts programmed to use multiple windows displaying on consoles without multiple monitors. #0008124

Fixed thumbnail creation problem on MagicHD 0008127