Chapter 128. Version

128.1. New Functions

Improved Net Manager so that firmware upgrade of SnakeSys products is easier - a list of available firmware versions is now shown instead of the user having to know the version number.

Added support for scene setter Autom events. Scene setter autom events can be created using the 16 buttons on the scene setter. When a button is assigned to one or more Autom events then the normal function of the button (e.g. S, Go, Back, Flash) is overridden. The button assignment affects all scene setters in the system.

Added support for Autom event to toggle Cue / Cue Stack on/off - this is useful when using Scene Setter buttons.

128.1.1. MagicHD

MagicHD now supports playback of audio-only media. Audio files are managed and selected the same as any other media. When playing audio the HUD displays the start/current/end points in seconds rather than frames. DMX channels for start and end frames are converted to seconds based on 25 frames per second.

128.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem in Windows 8 using laptop inbuilt touch screens. #0006869

Fixed problem with selecting Intensity palettes with fade times - in the previous betas the time would not be applied correctly.

Fixed audio input on Pro 2014 - it was accidentally disabled in recent betas. #0008048

Reduced size of .cdc file.

Fix problem with Execute Window on iOS/Android when connected to some Windows MagicQ systems - sometimes names were not shown for the buttons in the Execute window.