Chapter 130. Version

130.1. New Functions

Added automatic setting of IP sub net when setting IP address.

Improved checking for MIDI and audio modules to rediscover modules after module loss.

130.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem with and which caused a backward compatibility problem on Compact and Pro consoles when changing back to software versions Run or above before attempting to go back to See version known features for info on how to downgrade directly from to

Fixed problem with loading show files into a MQ40 that have more than 4 universes. The universes above 4 were causing a reset whereas they should have been ignored.

Fixed problem in and with setting intensity level from the keypad on selected heads with times

Fixed problem in with attributes always showing active in Group, Pos, Col, Beam, Media window. #0007969

Fixed problem with View Palettes window - View Raw and View Used did not work in recent betas.