Chapter 137. Version

137.1. New Functions


Added Posterise, Mask, Key, and Hue colour effects. Posterise reduces the colour levels in the media, making is look like a poster. Mask controls how light or dark areas become transparent, allowing any image to be used as an independent mask by loading it in its own layer. Key allows chroma key transparency effects, such as green screen, to be applied to any layer. Hue allows a hue offset to be applied. Added menu items to stop media conversion, force index and thumbnail regenerations, and improved feedback during the media conversion process. Images and media which have an alpha channel now display correctly: the alpha channel controls image transparency properly.

137.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem with copying head data between groups using the keypad which was broken since Copying head data using head numbers was not affected.

Removed timeout on MagicHD media conversion. #7054, #6735.