Chapter 139. Version

139.1. New Functions

139.1.1. MQ60

Support for new graphics system as used on MagicQ PC for Windows, Mac and Linux and on the MagicQ Pro 2014 console.

This release includes an option to run both the new graphics system or the old graphics system. The new graphics includes gradient shading and improved fonts. The new graphics system refreshes the whole screen at the same time - this means that some operations will be smoother although sometimes they may take slightly longer.

It is possible to easily change between the graphics systems in the Setup Window, View System, View Status, SHIFT + Use New Graphics. To change back to the original graphics, Setup Window, View System, View Status, SHIFT + Use Old Graphics. Changing graphics will reset the system.

139.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem with stand alone MagicVis crashing on start up.

Fixed remote switch support which was broken in to

Fixed problem with Autom Go to Cue ID and Jump which would not jump to the correct Cue Id.

Added divider option for Autom Go Cue Id = Level so that when using MIDI velocities, MIDI velocity 1 can be set to trigger Cue Id 1. #0007061