Chapter 140. Version

140.1. New Functions

140.1.1. MagicHD

MagicHD stand alone version for Mac with full 8 layers HD media playback capability is now included in the MagicQ for Mac installer. This works in the same way as MagicHD stand alone for Windows.

MagicHD stand alone is fully unlocked when connected to a MagicQ console or MagicQ Wing system with encoder wheels. When no MagicQ console or Wing system is detected on the network it supports only 1 layer.

140.1.2. Universe Naming

It is now possible to name each of the universes in Setup, View DMX I/O to help with organisation of the universes. The universe name is shown in Patch, View Chans and the Outputs, View Chans windows.

140.1.3. Other Changes

View Palette soft button in the Position, Colour, Beam windows has been moved towards the left side in line with the MagicQ philosophy to have View buttons to the left and more dangerous buttons (such as Remove/Clear) to the right.

Execute Grids and Output Plans can now be named.

140.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem in with the new View Heads window which could cause a reset. #0006987

Further fix for Patch offsets on start up when using a default Cue. In the previous version the default value would be set correctly but the move incorrectly when the first cue was activated.