Chapter 141. Version

141.1. New Functions

MagicQ Pro 2014 consoles now supports audio input through the phono connectors on the rear of the console. Note that this requires the latest Pro 2014 kernel Mon Jan 20th. In Setup, View Settings, Ports set Audio Input to Console Inbuilt Port.

Improved Group, View Heads view to show sub selected heads and to provide option of viewing All Heads or Selected Heads.

141.2. Bug Fixes

Fix for LEDs on Playback and Extra Wings that affected version only.

Fix MagicHD window resizing problem for Mac affected #0006976.

Fix for Patch offsets on startup. In recent versions the default values would be set incorrectly.

Fixed problem with using the external keyboard on Pro 2014 when no windows were open or when entering the name when saving a show. #0006842