Chapter 142. Version

142.1. New Functions

142.1.1. MagicHD

MagicHD - stand alone version for Windows with full 8 layers HD media playback capability is now included in the MagicQ for Windows installer.

MagicHD stand alone is fully unlocked when connected to a MagicQ console or MagicQ Wing system with encoder wheels. When no MagicQ console or Wing system is detected on the network it supports only 1 layer.

MQ60 and MQ70 expanded number of universes

The MQ60 and MQ70 can now be used as "wing" systems for a PC or Mac running MagicQ software with up to 64 universes. This enables large shows to be controlled with just a MQ60/70 and a laptop.

When the PC or Mac detects the MQ60/70 on the network it unlocks the remote control support on the PC or Mac allowing the MQ60/70 to be used to remote control MagicQ running on the PC or Mac.

If required the DMX output ports on the MQ60/70 can be used to output network universes from the PC / Mac. Before entering remote control mode on the MQ60/70 configure Universes 1 to 4 to input ArtNet/ACN/Pathport universes and set their Test Mode to "Input". This will loop the network universes received from the Mac/PC out of the direct ports on the MQ60/70.

142.1.2. Audio Support

MagicQ for Windows, Mac and Linux now supports audio input via the PC/Mac sound card. In Setup, View Settings, Ports set Audio Input to PC/Mac sound card. Audio support is enabled when the PC/Mac is connected to a MagicQ Wing or Interface (not MagicDMX).

142.1.3. Colour Window

Support for selection of colour mix mode in the Colour Widow to enable using the encoders to operate in CMY, RGB and HSI modes. Colour chosen is also now shown on the CMY encoders.

142.2. Bug Fixes

Fix for 2nd monitor output on a Pro 2014 console - this was broken in recent releases.

Fix for multicast / ChamNet on MQ60 and MQ70. Previously ChamNet devices might not be detected and multicast packets would not be correctly forwarded through the network switch on the MQ60/70. Also ACN streaming DMX might not work correctly. #0006014

Fixed problem on MagicQ consoles and Linux PC when removing playbacks or changing DMX addresses which could cause channels in Cues to be lost and potential resets #0006183

Fixed problem morphing from fixtures with just a colour wheel to 16bit CMY fixtures.

Fixed problem with serial automs where the serial stream could get parsed incorrectly.

Fixed problem when remote controlling a MagicQ system from MagicQ running on a Mac. MagicQ on the remote would crash the 2nd time it was opened during a session. #0006823

Autom Window - wing playbacks could not be entered as 1-1, 1-2 only as a playback number 1 to 202. #0006137

Support for triggering Cues in a Cue Stack according to velocity in MIDI automs. #0006797

Fixed visualisation of Robe Robin 1000 and similar fixtures #0006928

Fixed problem with user Palette FX when using same FX in multiple Cue steps with different palettes. #0006870

Fixed problem with using MagicQ Dual DMX Interface on universe 3 or higher #0006038

Fixed problem with stand alone MagicVis crashing on start #0006873