Chapter 144. Version

144.1. New Functions

144.1.1. Improvements to FX

The FX Engine has been improved to support easier selection of colour and Palette FX particularly when mixing CMY and RGB fixtures.

144.1.2. FX Selection

When FX are selected, they are now grouped into the categories - Intensity, Position, Colour, Beam, Any Attribute, User and Old. All User FX are shown in the User category - only inbuilt FX are shown in the Intensity, Position, Colour and Beam categories. Note that all FX are still stored in the FX folder as .wve files - they are just intelligently filtered into categories.

144.1.3. FX on CMY and RGB fixtures

The inbuilt colour FX are now designed to work on both CMY and RGB fixtures - these FX are set with the "Auto Invert RGB" option set in the Waveform FX. This means that, for example, adding the RGB FX to a group of CMY and RGB fixtures will cause all fixtures to change colour red, green, blue.

144.1.4. FX using Palettes

Palettes can be chosen when the FX is applied rather than having to create new Waveform FX. Palette selection can be changed directly in the Programmer, View FX and Cue , View FX windows. Changes of Palette selection are immediately updated in the Output.

The inbuilt library of FX contains several Waveform FX that allow selection of Palettes - including 2col, 3col, 4col, 2pos, 3pos, 4pos, 2iris and 2focus.

For example, to make a FX that colour changes between yellow and magenta simply choose the 2col FX - then select the "Yellow" palette, followed by the "Magenta" palette. Change the width parameter to vary the proportion of time spent on yellow and magenta.

Users can create their own waveform FX using the FX Editor. To make a waveform FX that has selected palettes, set both the "Use Palettes" and "Use FX Palettes" in the Edit FX, View General. The palettes in Edit FX, View Chans are then Palette indices rather than Palette numbers - e.g. Col 1 refers to the first selected Palette when you apply the FX, Col 2 the second selected Palette.

144.1.5. FX colour flicks

MagicQ now supports colour flicks - i.e. FX that apply a different colour over the base colour without mixing the colours - for example running a red flick over a green base without mixing the red and green to get yellow.

The inbuilt FX library now includes Red, Green, Blue and White colour flicks. In addition there is a colflick FX where you select the colour you want from a colour palette. The width parameter can be modified to change the width of the flick.

Users can create their own Waveform FX to perform complex colour flicks. In Edit FX, View General set the Default Add Type to "Abs". In the Edit FX, View Chans set the curve to "Abs" for steps that you want to be absolute and to "Trans" for steps that you want to be transparent (i.e. not affected by the FX - just the base level). The levels for steps set to "Trans" should be 0, or if using Palette based FX then just set them to the first Palette selection (P1,C1,B1).

144.1.6. FX in old shows

Shows that use the older FX in their Cues will continue to use the old FX unless the FX are reloaded in the FX Editor using the Reload FX soft button. New shows will use the new FX.

The older FX that are now superseded by better new FX are categorised in the Old folder.

144.1.7. Other FX changes

Absolute FX can now be faded in and out - previously they would snap. The Width parameter is now part of the spreadsheet view in the Programmer Window, View FX and the Cue Window, View FX. The legacy per FX, Fade In and Fade Out times have been removed from the View FX view of the Programmer Window. Since 2010 FX Fade In and Fade Out times have been part of the Cue Step and are set in the View Times view of the Programmer Window. Legacy shows that still use the per FX, Fade In and Fade Out times can still have these times edited (and removed) from View FX in the Cue Window. Note that these columns have been moved to the end so you must page right to find them.

144.1.8. Morphing

It is now possible to morph between fixtures with inbuilt dimmers and fixtures with virtual dimmers. For example it is possible to morph a RGB fixture with an inbuilt dimmer to a RGB fixture with a virtual dimmer. It is also possible to morph back from a fixture with a virtual dimmer to one that has an inbuilt dimmer. When morphing between fixtures with CMY/RGB and Colour Wheel to fixtures with only Colour Wheels, MagicQ now converts the CMY/RGB data to Col Wheel rather than trying to map between the Colour Wheels. This ensures that shows programmed with Cues using RGB palettes morph to Col Wheel palettes.

When morphing to heads with greater number of colour wheels or greater number of gobo wheels MagicQ now includes the extra colour or gobo wheels channels in Palettes and Cues where the colour wheels or gobo wheels were previously used. This enables easy updating of shows, for example when changing from fixtures with only 1 gobo wheel to fixtures with 2 gobo wheels.

144.1.9. Other changes

It is now possible to make heads that automatically patch a virtual dimmer. In the Head Editor, View General, Options there is an option "Virtual Dim". If this is set to "yes" and the head has no dimmer then a virtual dimmer is automatically patched for this head. A new Virtual Dimmer version of LED3chan has been added to the library. Note that Virtual Dimmer is distinct from Virtual Channels where all the channels of the head have separate DMX addresses.

Support has been added for dimmer curves on 16bit dimmer attributes. The inbuilt dimmer curves s-law and inverse s law now work on 16bit dimmer attributes. User dimmer curves can now specify 16bit values (0..66535) instead of just (0..255). If any value in the user dimmer curve file is over 255 then 16bit is assumed.

Additional Tap to Time playback options have been added to Setup, View Settings, Playback, Tap to Time buttons. These include holding S button and pressing GO and holding S button and pressing FLASH. Bug Fixes

Clicking between 0% and 100% on Speed Master fader in Execute Window did not work correctly. #0001741

Execute Window - item colours were not correct. #0006684, #0006404

When using a remote iOS or Andorid device Execute Window could get stuck on Page 1. #0006684

When using remote iOS on iOS 7 the display text for the keypad did not work.

Ping reply sometimes displayed wrong address #0003608

Fading to/from Abs FX did not work #0005369

Dimmer curves did not apply correctly to 16bit dimmers #004840

Problem when selecting from keypad using - to deselect a single fixture. #0006580

Increased MagicHD file conversion timeout to 5 minutes. #0006735

Added missing libraries to Linux .tar (#0006675), and MagicHD masks and text files to Linux and Mac releases.