Chapter 145. Version

145.1. New Functions

Added support for Tap to Time on remote input and on Playback Automs. Added menu option to toggle MagicHD fullscreen mode.

145.2. Bug Fixes

#0005965 On MQ60 pressing ALT key, another key, then releasing ALT before the other key caused a problem. #0006011 Personalities with 16bit duplicated elements did not handle FX correctly. #0006644 MIDI velocity not scaled correctly (max value was 50%) #0006247 Cue Stack macros on Cue IDs with point cues .xx did not work #0005896 Record merge did not always work on point cues #0006565 Media Player not working after load show. #0006352 Increased hot takeover detect time #0006531 Initialisation of MIDI on MQ60 now operates correctly. In previous versions it was necessary to disable and enable the MIDI. #0006590 Fix media conversion for Mac. #0006629 Handle unknown pixel formats in source material by triggering media conversion. Added missing libraries to Linux release.