Chapter 147. Version

147.1. New Functions

147.1.1. MagicHD

This release allows MagicHD to be opened from MagicQ PC in the Mac version as well as from the Windows version. OpenGL requirement has been reduced to 3.3 on all variants and a number of related issues have been fixed. MagicHD should now open on all recent computers but performance will depend on the graphics card. Media Position DMX Channels are twice as sensitive (see below, issue 6444). This means any shows that use these channels will have to be edited.

147.2. Bug Fixes

147.2.1. MagicQ

Fixed problem with remote control and selection boxes display - for example when using Update to update palettes or add patch offsets. The selection box selection on the remote control system did not correctly follow the selection on the target system. Fixed problem when using the iOS remote application (particularly the latest version) whereby turning the X encoder reset all encoders. Fixed problem with timed release of playbacks on Mac - this was not fully fixed in #0005601 Fixed beams from scrollers in MagicVis. #0006239

147.2.2. MagicHD

#0006427 Requires OpenGL 4.2 #0006428 Green line down right side of some video. #0006433 (Partial fix) Images are scaled before rotation to preserve their aspect ratio. Screen aspect ratio still has an effect on rotation. #0006443 X & Y scale did not go all the way to zero. #0006444 X & Y position only moved the image across half the screen: it was not possible to move a layer off the screen. #0006506 Fixed MQHD: GL_INVALID_ENUM error seen at startup with some graphics adapters. #0006508 Original panel layout VIS button can launch Vis when HD is open. #0006512 Made sure the window always appears on a valid screen at startup (saved window coordinates can be invalid).