Chapter 148. Version

148.1. New Functions

148.1.1. MagicHD Beta Release

MagicHD can be launched and controlled from MagicQ PC (Windows only). To start MagicHD use the Media Player menu in MagicQ PC. The installation includes a demo show which can be started from the menu, the Choose demo show start mode, or loaded manually. The installation includes some masks and text files but no media. On starting MagicHD with no media, the user is given the option to download a small basic media package from the ChamSys website: this is enough for the demo show.

Note that MagicHD requires OpenGL version 4.2 or above.

For more information consult the MagicHD manual which is included in the release, or can be downloaded separately from the ChamSys website.

148.2. Bug Fixes

Resolved issue with X encoder not working on iOS remote.