Chapter 150. Version

150.1. New Functions

150.1.1. New Execute Window and iOS app

The Execute Window has been improved to support improved images of buttons, faders and encoders. These can be selected in Execute Window, View Design by selecting Images on soft button B.

The Execute Window now supports encoders for speed control of Cue Stacks. Use Insert Special, and select Encoder to insert an encoder below a recorded Cue Stack. The Encoder will only be active when the Cue Stack above is active.

The Execute Window supports custom images for the buttons, faders and encoders. The images should be stored in the bitmaps folder and named according to:

Button up image xxxxup.bmp Button down image xxxxdn.bmp Fader track image xxxxtrck.bmp Fader knob image xxxxknob.bmp Encoder back image xxxxbase.bmp Encoder dial image xxxxdial.bmp

Where xxxx is any name. The images can be bmp, jpeg or png. The bitmaps can be selected for each item in the Execute Window, View Design by pressing the BUTTON BITMAP soft button.

This version also supports an improved iOS app which allows the Execute Window images to be shown on your iPhone or iPad as images instead of boxes. Custom button images will be automatically downloaded to the iOS app.

The iOS app now supports an Idiot user mode which forces the iOS app always to run in full Execute Window. This is set up in MagicQ app settings in the iOS settings menu. A particular console IP address can also be specified to ensure the iOS always connects to the correct console.

The new version of the iOS app will be on the App Store soon.

150.2. Bug Fixes

Mac release times snapped instead of fading #0005601, #0006117, #0004989

Masters Affect Levels = No and L,K,M macros did not work together #0006341, #0006342

Execute Window display issues #0005319

Execute Window button colours inverted #0005319

Execute Window colour scheme not working #0006323

Execute Window full screen encoders could change to unused pages #0005250

Execute Window, Max View not working #0005948, #0005593, #0006148, #0006221, #0006174

Reset when using faders in Execute Window #0006305

CTRL shortcuts opened additional file save options in recent versions #0006206

Mac CMD button fix #0006327