Chapter 152. Version

152.1. New Functions

MagicQ PC on Windows, Mac and Linux now has an improved look and feel together with a new menu bar of short cuts. The old button layout is still supported from the Panel menu. Note that the Media Player menu items are not active in this version.

Head numbers have now been expanded so that all Versions support numbers up to 32768 regardless of the number of universes the console is set to. Note that loading shows with higher head numbers into older versions of software will cause those head numbers to be reduced to the limit of that console/software. #0005984

152.2. Bug Fixes

Performance of user interface on Pro 2014 in recent betas was seriously affected when the Output and Output Info windows were open. This was particularly bad when these windows were placed at full size on external monitors.

User Dimmer curves were not working in recent betas #0006036.

View Automation, Activate/Release Cue did not work #0005093

Crossfades on dimmers controlled as LTP when pressing GO on a Cue Stack that had tracked values but was not the latest playback did not correctly. #0006130

Multiple selections using CTRL did not work correctly on MQ60. #0005966

Recording palettes with a name on the command line did record the name. #0005981

Time as displayed on the status bar now shows local time not UTC. #0005988

Thumbnail retrieval on MQ60 did not always work correctly #0005093

Fixes to keyboard shortcuts on MagicQ PC (Windows/Linux/OSX). #0002477, #0003719, #0002006, #0004494