Chapter 154. Version

154.1. New Functions

154.1.1. Multi Console Simplifications

The use of multiple MagicQ consoles in a network has been made much simpler by the introduction of the concept of Network Sessions:

  • A MagicQ console is made part of a network session by simply setting the Net Session Mode and choosing a Net Session ID.
  • Within a network session only one MagicQ console is the Master, all others are Slaves to the Master console. Only the Master console outputs universes (ArtNet/ACN/Pathport) on the network.
  • All Slaves in the network session are automatically synchronised to the show file from the Master console.
  • All Slaves in the network session can take control of part of the Output via the multi channel control feature.
  • All Slaves in the network session can edit show data including Palettes, Cues and Cue Stacks on the Master console (note this feature is not available in the US).
  • All Slaves in the network session are automatically synchronised to the playback state of the Master console. Each Slave can choose to Inhibit PB Sync, for example whilst programming.
  • It is possible at any time to change which console is the Master console by using the Take Control feature from the Slave console.
  • The Net Session Mode can be set to Sync Auto Takeover or Sync Manual Takeover when set to Sync Auto Takeover if the Master console fails then a Slave will automatically take over. In Sync Manual Takeover the user must manually use Take Control.
  • It is possible to inhibit all network output from the consoles in the network session using the Inhibit All feature. All consoles outputs within the network session are disabled. It is still possible to change Master but the outputs remain disabled.

It is now no longer needed to set the Show Data Sync Type and the Show Data Sync IP MagicQ sets this automatically within the network session.

It is now no longer needed to set the Playback Sync Type and the Playback Sync IP MagicQ sets this automatically within the network session.

It is now no longer needed to set the Hot Takeover mode MagicQ sets this automatically according to the Net Session Mode.

154.1.2. Configuration Simplifications

The Network option MultiWindows is now no longer required and has been removed. MagicQ for Windows, Mac and Linux and MagicQ Pro 2014, Pro 2010 and Compact consoles all have inbuilt multi windowing support. If you wish to use network based multi windows on a separate PC together with a MagicQ then set Enable remote access = yes.

The Setup option Force Window On External Monitor is now fully supported on Windows, Linux, Mac and consoles with external monitors. It forces a window onto the 2nd monitor. Previously it was only supported on older Pro consoles.

Wing configuration in Setup, View System Wings is now simplified by all wings defaulting to Playback/Extra Wing. This enables plug’n'play with one or more Playback or Extra wings.

The Artistic License parallel port interface is no longer supported as modern PCs do not have parallel ports.

154.1.3. Other Changes

Icons are now always enabled - with options now being Small, Large and Large when no name. This last option enables mixing of small and large icons dependent on whether a name is set for an item.

Icons can now be set directly in the Execute Window. For Cues and Cues Stacks the icons are propagated through to the Cues in the Cue Store and the Cues Stacks in the Stack Store.

The support for a single external monitor interface on old Pro consoles using the network connected video card has now been removed as the resolutions supported were not sufficient for modern monitors. Full external monitor support at resolutions up to 1920x1200 are available via upgrade to Pro 2014.

Audio and MIDI status are now shown in the status box on Compact series products.

Support for updating firmware on SnakeSys R8.

154.2. Bug Fixes

The calibrate window was not showing on external monitors on the Pro 2014.

Fixed problem on Mac version with loading of head names for patched heads - they were not loaded correctly. #5512 #5908 #5685

In recent betas 1.5.8.x to there was a problem with IMPORT SHOW. As soon as you went to choose a new fixture the software would become unstable. #5838

The FX Edit Window did not allow FX to be edited correctly in recent versions #5787

Tap to time on S buttons only affected the first FX in Cues with multiple FX. #5760

The Set box and Quick macros are now disabled when the console is locked.

Fix to graphics in Media Window on Pro 2014 consoles when showing previews in the preview boxs. #5728

In the Media Window, the wrong preview for some media server types with ranges set for the media folder. #5719

Support for changing firmware on MQ40 (was disabled in

Displaying of thumbnails and .jpg images in MagicQ on Windows was broken in recent betas #5759 #4764 #5523 #5892

When using multi head elements with a main element with a dimmer and multi elements with RGB or RGBA then selecting the all group and setting @ FULL would cause all the RGB or RGBA to go to white.

On Pro 2014 all windows were opened on start up #5706

Fixed problem with external window support on PC (Windows, Linux, Mac) versions to keep focus correctly. #5714 #5723

The Pixelmapper used the wrong grid when the Output Info window was open #4874

Improved the response of the touch screen on Pro 2014 when the Output Window was open.