Chapter 156. Version

156.1. New Functions

Added reporting of memory usage on MagicQ consoles - see Setup, View System, View Status, System, Memory Usage..

Added support for one shot FX. Two new library waveform FX have been added - PulseOne and RampOne. Custom waveform FX can be created and set as one shot in the FX parameters.

Modified the size on screen of the simulated Magic Wand.

156.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem with memory usage when using large movie files (e.g. 100x100 pixels and above) on the Pixel Mapper - if lots of movies were loaded then the system could run out of memory causing unexpected lock ups and crashes. This was caused by the system allocating much more memory than was required for each movie clip.

Fixed problem with changing the DMX address of heads and morphing heads in shows. It was possible for Cues to get corrupted such that they contained a channel more than once - then when moving or morphing channels that were used in those Cues could leave erroneous values in Cues.

Fixed problem with loading media server personalities on the MQ60 - MagicQ would display an error indicating that the multi element personality could not be found. Recreating the head index in the File Manager worked around the problem.

Fixed problem with using user dimmer curves on the MQ60 - they would always be set to a step.