Chapter 163. Version

163.1. New Functions

Added support for patching direct to a specific head number using the * operator.

For example:

10 @ 7 - 2 * 201

This will patch 10 heads at channel 2 on Universe 7 starting at head number 201.

Added support for an extra level of playback priority Mid priority.

Added support for fader images in the Execute Window - the track part should end trck and the knob part should end knob - e.g. fadertrck.jpg and faderknob.jpg.

Improvements to faders and encoders on MagicQ inc Vis.

163.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem on the MQ60 with changing DMX output type that could cause a reset or loss of front panel communications.

Fixed problem on the MQ60 where it would take a long time to shut down and turn off.