Chapter 166. Version

166.1. New Functions

166.1.1. Blind Visualisation

MagicQ now supports Blind Visualisation and Preview Visualisation when used together with MagicVis, Capture or WYSIWYG. This enables a Visualiser to show the contents of the Programmer during BLIND mode or to preview a Playback that is not active on the real outputs.

In Patch, View Vis press the VIS SOURCE Soft button to choose between visualising the console Output, the BLIND programmer, the selected Playback, or the next step on the selected Playback.

When set to Blind Programmer MagicQ will add the contents of the Programmer to the Output visualisation even when the programmer is in BLIND mode.

When set to Playback MagicQ will show in the visualiser the contents of the selected Playback as if the Playback fader was at 100%. Only data from the selected Playback is shown.

When set to Next GO MagicQ will show in the visualiser the output of the console as it would appear if GO was pressed on the selected Playback. When the selected Playback has multiple steps then MagicQ always shows the next step in the Visualiser. If the selected Playback is not active then MagicQ will show what would occur if the Playback was activated.

Blind Visualisation and Preview Visualisation do not affect the normal network outputs such as ArtNet, ACN, or Pathport. Only the DMX stream sent directly to the Visualiser is affected.

When using Capture visualisation, Capture must be connected via CITP universes rather than ArtNet - otherwise Capture will just show the console output.

166.1.2. Multi element heads

Multi element heads that consist of a main element and a repeated element - i.e. heads with the Before or After option set are now stored together in one head file. This makes the heads easier to transport between consoles. The Head Editor now shows the full channel list in View Chans including the repeated channels.

166.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem with layouts using multiple screens on remote tablets.

Fixed problem with manual crossfade and 16 bit dimmers. #0004719.