Chapter 167. Version

167.1. New Functions

Improved the inbuilt web server so that when using it to remote control a console the remote keypad sizes better to web browsers on remote devices. Selection the Web type to Enabled CSS to use the new style sheet based remote keypad.

167.1.1. MagicVis improvements

MagicVis now supports multi element heads - in Patch, View Vis they will appear as a single head so they can be moved and rotated as a single element, but in MagicVis they will appear with all the elements.

167.1.2. MagicQ inc Vis improvements

MagicQ inc Vis now supports all the features of MagicQ.

MagicQ inc Vis on Mac now supports MagicQ Wings and Interfaces. It also supports Gel colours.

Full support for pixel mapping including cmv movies.

Full support for media server thumbnails and previews.

Full support for multi console operation including grab show.

Support for Multi Windows on the same system - on both Windows and Mac versions.

Support for initial splash screen.

Support for ChamNet protocols and all other multicast protocols.

Support for inbuilt web server.

Improved the refresh of the Windows, particularly the Output and Media Windows.

MagicQ now stores the visualiser window position separately to the main settings - Setup, View System, Monitors now handles multi windows as per the old MagicQ.

Please inform ChamSys via the Bugtracker of any functions that do not work correctly in MagicQ inc Vis.

167.2. Bug Fixes

Capture and CITP connection - inversed data after inverting pan and tilt #0001614.

Theatre patch mode. After adding a head on multiple DMX addresses the extra DMX channels were not immediately updated. #0004608