Chapter 168. Version

168.1. New Functions

168.1.1. Multi Element Heads

Improved the support for moving lights with multiple elements such as Robe 600 LED Wash. The All Group now includes both the main and the repeated elements. This group can be used to treat the multi elements all as a single head.

MagicQ now allows FX to be applied to a group of heads even if some of those heads do not have the required attributes - for example when a multi element head has pan and tilt in the main part and colour in the repeated elements. This allows each of the FX to be added from the All group instead of requiring the main and repeated groups to be selected separately.

Using LOCATE on the All Group locates all the elements in the head.

It is now possible to sub select one of the elements using the dot operator. To sub select the 2nd element of a multi element head enter

  1. 2 NEXT HEAD

In Theatre/Hog modes where the keypad is set to select heads simple enter

  1. 2

To get back the complete selection press ALL.

MagicQ also creates a Mn Group - with only the main part of the head and a Ele Group with the repeated elements.

168.1.2. Other Changes

Added new options for how box style windows are shown on external monitors. This enables the sizing (number of columns) on the external monitors to be the same as on the internal touch screen. In Setup, View Settings, Windows, Force Window on External Monitor you can choose the additional options Normal same res and Normal 10 cols.

Added ability to update the size of all Cues with a specific FX type on a set of heads. In the Cue Window, View FX put the cursor on the size field and press SHIFT + UPDATE ALL to update all Cues that have the same FX on the same heads.

Cue Stack now marks time code steps where the time code is out of order with a *.

When pinging from MagicQ, using … without an address will ping the address from the last ping attempt.

Improved the display of patch offsets in the Outputs Window so they are only highlighted in green when they are not active on a playback.

168.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem with inserting a Mark Cue after Cues set to Timecode - the Mark Cue would be incorrectly set to timecode value 0 causing the Cue Stack to work incorrectly.

Corrected protocol issues in CITP/MSEX which stopped some media servers such as Madrix being able to send thumbnails. #0003966

Output Window title bar now shows when it is in Input mode. #000647

Remote control from a system with a higher screen resolution than the console would cause screen painting issues on the remote system. #0004242.

It was not possible to move or copy Cue Stacks from the Stack Store to a playback with a default cue. #0004597

When a FX is used in a cue, and the same FX is used with the same parameters except for size in the next cue, the parameters changes in that last cue were not applied.  #0004527

There was a naming error in the Head Editor, Multi Element, Order options. The first "Bottom right to Top Snake" was actually "Bottom right to left snake". #0004621

If you updated the current Cue in a Cue Stack with Move When Dark enabled then the current Cue would be re-output without the move when dark. #0004560

Removing an attribute from a head in the Head Editor could result in the removal of more than one attribute if multiple columns were cursor selected. #0000274

There was a possible reset when removing Cues from the end of a Cue Stack when the Cue Stack was active with the current Cue as the last or previous to last Cue. #0003658

Fixed problem with remote controlling a MagicQ from another MagicQ system. When using the UPDATE function the remote system would not show the state of the update options correctly.

Fixed problem with using the UPDATE function - once Patch Offset was selected then it was not possible to clear this option.