Chapter 170. Version

170.1. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem in the Grid View in recent betas that caused a reset - affected grids with fixtures with no CMY or RGB attributes. This problem also caused VDIM channels not to show in the Grid correctly. #0004445, #0003706.

Fixed problem with Update only method of updating. When selecting Cue Stacks rather than Palettes MagicQ would update the Cues in the Cue Stack with the values from the programmer but would incorrectly maintain links to the original Palettes. If those Palettes were then updated the original Cues would be updated again.

Fixed FX Engine so that random FX changes all attributes of the FX at the same time. Also fixed Flicker UP, Flicker Down and Flicker Sync FX which were not working correctly. #0000674.

Fixed problem with gel icons in MagicQ inc Vis - red and blue colours were swapped. #0004449.

Fixed problem when using Cue Stack window with Display Current Cue option. Changing selected playback jumped the window back to the first cue in the Stack not to the current Cue. #0004301

Fixed problem with loading set lists. If the page names had spaces in them then it would not work correctly. #0001209, #0004260 Version

170.2. New Functions

170.2.1. MagicQ Visualiser

MagicQ software now supports a visualiser to enable pre programming of lighting. It also provides a useful learning/training tool.

The Visualiser is available in two variants; a MagicVis application for connecting via network to a MagicQ console, and a combined MagicQ/Visualiser version for use on a single PC or Mac.

The Visualiser is available for both Windows and Mac. A linux version will be available in the near future.

On Windows, click on Start, Programs, ChamSys MagicQ PC, MagicVis for the network app and Start, Programs, ChamSys MagicQ PC, MagicQ (inc Vis) for the combined version.

On Mac, click on the Applications, MagicQ, MagicQincVis for the network app and Applications, MagicQ, MagicQincVis for the combined version.

The combined version of MagicQ and Visualiser has a VIS button in the top right hand corner of the screen. Press the VIS button to open the visualisation window. Press the VIS button again to close the visualisation window.

The performance of the visualisation will depend on the graphics capability of the PC or Mac that the visualisation is running on and the number of fixtures you are trying to visualise. For our demo shows with moving lights and pixel mapping we recommend at least a NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT.

170.2.2. Fanning attributes and times by segments and groups

The fan toolbar has been enhanced to add support for fanning by segments and by groups.

When fanning by segments is selected then adjacent heads are adjusted by the same amount - e.g. when segments are set to 2 the fan occurs with pairs of adjacent heads having the same adjustment.

When fanning by groups, the fan is performed on each group in turn as if the group contained the only selected heads. This enables a fan to be simultaneously applied to groups of different sizes.

Fanning by segments overrides fanning by parts. Fanning by groups overrides fanning by parts or segments.

Fanning by segments and groups can be used on attributes values, and on times in the Programmer, View Times, Simple view and Cue, View Times, Simple View.

In order to maintain compatibility with older versions and remote control, the new functions have been added to the existing fan tool bar. Direct selection of fanning using 4 parts and 5 parts now can be done by typing 4 or 5 followed by the N parts fan.

Moving of Cues and Cue Stacks in the Cue Store and Stack Store

It is now possible to move Cues within the Cue Store and Stacks within the Stack Store even when they have been assigned to Stacks and Playbacks.

A Cue can be moved in the Cue Store as long as the Cue is not active in the Cue Store and none of the Cue Stacks that uses the Cue are active (on Playbacks, Execute or Stack Store).

A Cue Stacks can be moved in the Stack Store as long as the Cue Stack is not active (on Playbacks, Execute or Stack Store).

170.2.3. Other Changes

Support for Active FX whilst holding FX, press SET.

Moving Palettes entries in the Palette Window, Cues in the Cue Store and Stacks in the Stack Store now updates the links to these items in the Execute Window. Previously the links would be lost and the Execute Window would no longer work as expected.

170.3. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem when using patch offsets. After startup / reset the first time the heads were activated in the programmer the values would jump to an incorrect value.

When recording palettes, MagicQ now avoids making links to other palettes for pan and tilt if either the pan or tilt attribute has been modified.