Chapter 171. Version

171.1. New Functions

171.1.1. Programmer Master

It is now possible to make a Playback into a Programmer Master. Record an empty Cue onto a Playback and then set the Cue Stack option, Function, Programmer Master.

When the Playback is activated by pressing the GO button then the fader level becomes the Programmer level. Releasing the fader level causes the Programmer level to go back to 100%.

When the fader is less set to less than 100%, the FLASH button can be used to bump in the Programmer at 100%.

The GO button and BACK buttons are used to swap Palette values in the Programmer when the Programmer has mixed palette values.

For instance if some heads are set to use the RED palette in the programmer and others using the GREEN palette then pressing GO will swap all the heads using RED palette to use GREEN and all the heads using GREEN palette to use RED.

If there are more than 2 colour Palettes in use in the Programmer, then the colours rotate around all the different Palettes.

Odd/Even can be used to easily set up an initial look of 2 or more colour palettes.

Currently only one Programmer Master can be active at a time.

171.1.2. FX based on chosen colour

It is now possible to create FX based on any chosen colour rather than just primary colours - a new example Colpulse.wve is included as part of the standard FX library.

When the FX is created, the base level of the colour channel will be used to determine the colour that the FX will use. When the FX is played back the base level is used in the FX itself rather than the FX adding to the base.

To create a new FX based on base colour, in the FX Edit Window, View General, set Use Col Base = Yes.

171.1.3. Other Changes

Improved Auto Palettes to avoid overlapping Palettes for heads with similar gobo names such as Gobo 1, Gobo 2. Also avoid creating Gobo Palettes for shaking and indexing gobos.

When new Colour Palettes are recorded, now a colour icon of the appropriate colour is auto assigned.

When new Beam Palettes are recorded, if the Beam includes a Gobo from Gobo Wheel 1, 2 or 3 then the appropriate gobo icon is auto assigned.

171.1.4. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem in with display of fixtures without CMY in the Outputs View Plan View.