Chapter 172. Version

172.1. New Functions

The Media Window now supports more than 8 media servers - page through the media servers using the Server Bank soft button. The Preview Layer / Output button has been moved to a SHIFT function.

It is now possible to change page quickly in the Playback Window by entering a number and pressing the top left soft button.

Support for remote trigger on ChamSys Remote protocol - send 71,<state>H where state is 0 or 1 for the remote trigger state.

Support for audio divider on Cue Stacks with the audio option Bumps GO. Audio parameter 1 is used as a divider - set it between 2 and 10 to divide the received beat frequency by a value between 2 and 10 times.

Support for subtracting group by pressing minus before you select a group in the Group Window.

172.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem in recent betas with display of fixtures with virtual dimmers in the Outputs View Plan View - the fixtures would always show at full in the Grid.

When changing page the Cue Window is now unlocked to show the Cue for the currently selected playback on the new page.

When the Cue Stack Window is set to follow the current Cue it is now possible to move up and down the Cue Stack.

Fixed playback when using timecode, so that if the timecode is just stepping to the next step in the Cue Stack then it does not recalculate the entire state.

Fixed problem when paging right in Programmer Window when it was empty, which would cause a reset.

Fixed problem in MagicQ when editing head macros - removing a head macro could cause a reset.

Fixed problem when updating Cues in a tracking Cue Stack using the Update method. When moving back up the Cue Stack, or jumping around then pressing Update would not show Palettes for attributes that tracked from earlier Cues.

Fixed problem with mark cues as the first step on Cue Stacks which activated on Page Change. The mark cue would not run correctly. This could be worked around by inerting a 0 second empty cue as the first Cue.

Fixed problem with remote control from MagicQ Windows to a MagicQ console whereby the RETURN key would sometimes be processed twice - this could cause head selection not to work as expected.

Tapping time on S buttons would only affect the first FX in the Cue. #0004192