Chapter 176. Version

176.1. New Functions

Added new Cue Stack Macro command 4H to kill the screen save function. If the screen saver is currently active then the screen will be restored. The screen save timer will be restarted.

176.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed several major problems with recent betas since We do not recommend you use betas,, or for live shows.

Fixed problem that could make newly created Palettes work incorrectly, with all attributes from the palettes outputting 0 value.

Fixed problem with colour picker on MagicQ consoles.

Fixed problem with using FX which caused a reset. Mostly affected FX that can be applied to any attribute, but could also affect other FX.

Fixed problem with multi console control - this did not work in

Fixed problem with importing palettes that could cause cues using the palettes to go to all zero values.

Fixed problems in MagicQ PC / Mac versions when using the on screen faders. If the mouse was moved outside the fader area then the wrong fader was changed.