Chapter 177. Version

177.1. New Functions

177.1.1. Item Selection

It is now possible to cursor select multiple Window items that are not adjacent using the CTRL key. This can be used for naming items and copying items.

In box style windows (e.g. Group, Pos, Col, Beam) it is also possible to remove and move items in this way.

177.1.2. Virtual Dimmers

Virtual dimmers now take effect at the Patch level rather than at the Programmer level. This means that the Output Window, View Heads will show the virtual levels on the RGB channels (i.e. the RGB levels before the virtual dimmer is applied).

The Outputs Window, View Chans, View DMX will show the actual levels output to the RGB channels (i.e. the level after the virtual dimmer is applied).

The full head can be selected using the head number. The title bar of the Group, Pos, Colour, Beam windows will show +v for each head with a virtual dimmer.

It is now possible to add virtual dimmers to a head in the Patch, View Heads view using a single action. Place the cursor on the head you wish to add a virtual dimmer for and then press SHIFT and ADD VDIM. You can use SHIFT + the cursor keys to select multiple heads.

Virtual dimmers can only be added to heads that do not have an intensity channel. For heads with multiple RGB elements, a virtual dimmer will be made for each RGB element.

Virtual dimmers added in this way will appear unpatched. Note that the virtual dimmers take up channels from the total channel count.

177.1.3. Other Changes

Increased total number of pixels in Pixelmapper to 16384 to match the number of possible heads.

Choose Dimmer has been moved in the Patch Window to the Choose Dim/Media button which enables direct selection of Generic Dimmer, Generic LED 3 channel or Media servers.

Added many new personalities and improved existing personalities to enable better morphing between fixture types. There are now over 4,400 personalities.

There is now an additional option in the desklamp brightness setting (CTRL + soft button E) named Always. When this option is selected the desklamps stay white even when the screen saves.

177.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed problems with virtual dimmers - #0000229, #0002337, #0002226, #0001795 resolved.

Fixed problem with pressing CANCEL when reordering FX could cause a freeze. #0002132

The release time on a Cue Stack did not take the instant flag of an attribute into account. #0002226.

Fixed problem whereby pressing ALL to FULL button when using Intensity filtering in the Intensity Window could cause a reset. #0003201.

Playing a macro using assigned button whilst a macro was running performed the original button function. #0002429

Preload Cues did not work when using Crossfader. #0002486

The PC Wing could reset itself when using the club master. #0002022

Fixed minor problems with ASCII show import. #0003618

The Output View Horiz didn’t show all the information if only a few heads were patched. #0003631.

The autogroup function might not work on dimmers, if adding dimmers to an existing show made under a previous softwarae version. #0002505 Version

This is a release only for MagicQ Pro 2010 console. It fixes a problem with shut down of the console whereby the console could power off before the disc was correctly shut down. This could cause console setting changes that had been made just prior to the shutdown to be lost.

This issue does not affect Pro/Expert consoles or the PC based software - Version should be used on these systems.