Chapter 179. Version

179.1. New Functions

179.1.1. USITT ASCII file import

MagicQ now supports import of dimmer patch, group, cue level and timing information from USITT ASCII files. In the Patch Window, View Chans, Import USITT.

MagicQ does not currently support import of non dimmer parameters or more complex fixtures as this is manufacturer specific and not specified in the USITT ASCII format. We will be happy to investigate whether we can add fixture import from the format of your console.

179.1.2. Console desklamp control

The console desklamp brightness, display brightness and LED brightness can now be controlled as a fixture within the programming of the show. Patch one Generic MQlamps at any free address. The fixture can be unpatched to ensure that it does not affect any real channel outputs. The fixture has the following attributes:

activate set to 255 to take control of the console brightness master master level for brightness white desklamp blue desklamp main display brightness of display 0 is off wing display led brightness of the LEDs

Note that the screensaver will still blank the display.

179.1.3. Other Changes

It is now possible to merge Cues together when importing shows.

179.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem with time code record whereby it did not refresh the Cue Stack engine times immediately. Changing page and back would force a reload of the correct times after a record.

Fixed problem with chases stopping working after some time. This was most often seen when using random chases with very fast times #002291.