Chapter 180. Version

180.1. New Functions

180.1.1. Keypad Copying / Moving Cues

It is now possible to copy and move Cues within a Cue Stack directly from the keypad using Cue Id numbers rather than the cursor keys and enter.

The Cue Stack Window must be open (press the S button of the Playback two times to open it).

COPY <from Cue ID> @ <to Cue ID>

MOVE <from Cue ID> @ <to Cue ID>

For example to copy Cue ID 1.00 to Cue ID 3.1 type

COPY 1 @ 3.1

If the <to Cue ID> is not specified or is greater than the last Cue ID in the Cue Stack then the Cue is copied to the end of the Cue Stack.

To copy Cue ID 1.00 to the end of the Cue Stack type

COPY 1 @

If the <to Cue ID> matches a Cue ID already in the Cue Stack then the Cue will be inserted before that Cue ID.

Multiple Cues can be copied/moved using THRU, e.g.

COPY 1 THRU 2 @ 3

180.1.2. Cue Window

The Cue Window, View Times, Simple View now always shows the list of possible attributes even when no heads are selected.

There are new shortcuts for quickly opening the Cue Window - hold the S button of the playback and press the Pos, Beam, Col, Int or FX buttons. The Cue Window will be opened with the cursor on the appropriate field.

180.1.3. Other changes

Improved graphics in Normal Mode.

Modified start splash screen just to have only the Continue Show button. The Help and New Show options have been removed. New shows can be started from Setup, View Settings, New Show. Help can be accessed by pressing the HELP button.

The maximum grid width has now been increased to 1024 pixels.

Calibration of the touch screen now uses 4 points instead of 2 points for greater accuracy and identification of swapped axis.

It is now possible to move channels in the Head Editor.

When making a new personality in the Head Editor the name of a range is now generated automatically from the range type.

180.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem with parked channels when loading a show. If channels in the previous show were parked then the channels in the new show would not be parked. Restarting MagicQ or performing a soft reset would solve the problem.

Fixed problem when using Cue Stack macros to release to change Page using the P command with the Cue Stack option Release On Page Change set. A reset could occur if there was no Cue Stack programmed on the Playback on the new page.

Fixed problems with the new Patch Offset Update whereby it only worked with 8 bit accuracy.

Fixed problem when using Encoder wheel E in the View Palette view to modify multiple parameters (multiselected using cursor) #0002211

Fixed problem with movies in the Pixelmapper not playing all the movie file. This only affected beta versions to #0002175

Fixed problem with changing pages on Playback Wings and Extra Wings. If keys had been pressed on the command line other a valid page number when pressing the PREV PAGE buttons on the wing then a reset could occur. #0002114

Fixed problem with generation of auto groups on dimmers. #0000537

Fixed problem with generation of centre auto group on grids. #0002068

Fixed problem with number pad on external keyboards not inputting numbers. #001093

Fixed problem when viewing Setup, View System, View Status on Linux PC systems. #0002097

Fixed problem which could cause a reset in the Media Window when copying layers without selecting a server. #0002108

Fixed problem with labelling using the on screen keyboard text would appear after typing the first character. Only affected recent betas. #0002095.

The keyboard shortcut to open the Output Window opened the Output Info Window not the Output Window. #0001994.

Fixed problem whereby when updating cues the cue could fade back up to the changed value. Affected merging of Cues that have a default fade in / out time. Only affected channels that were tracking through to the Cue which were being replaced with hard values in that Cue. Channels with hard values in the Cue would get updated immediately. #0001542

Fixed problem with playbacks on Execute Wing releasing on changes of Grand Master or Sub Master. #0001905

Fixed problem with setting 16 bit attributes using SET and the soft button when attribute display mode is set to normal. #0002121