Chapter 181. Version

181.1. New Functions

181.1.1. Offsets (deltas)

Added support for a quick method of applying an offset to channels such as a pan or tilt offset, or an offset on a colour scroll.

To apply an offset, playback the Cues and then override only the parameters you wish to offset in the programmer. Then press the Update button. The Update options have been modified to include an extra option Patch Offset. Selecting this option applies a permanent offset to the channel in the Patch rather than modifying the individual Palettes and Cues.

To remove the offset, playback the Cues and then activate the channels in the Programmer (hold SET and touch encoder to activate just an attribute or hold * and press SET to activate the whole head). Then press the Update button and select Patch Offset.

Offsets apply only to LTP channels, not to HTP (Intensity) channels.

The Outputs window shows channels with offsets in green colour.

The Patch window shows offsets applied to Pan and Tilt in the Pan Offset and Tilt Offset field.

181.1.2. Other Changes

Added a high disk usage warning and improved status information regarding disc usage.

Status Window now shows status Shift and Ctrl when these keys are pressed.

181.2. Bug Fixes

On MagicQ PC for Windows, MagicQ graphics could stop working after a while of constant changing windows or automated playback. This affected versions to only. We recommend changing to a non affected version. (#0001931, #0001805)

The Pixel Mapper live feed function was broken in version only. (#0001977)

Recording TC using the RECORD TC function was broken in (#0001997)

When using playbacks set with Cue Stack option All channels controlled LTP and reassert option All inc tracked with then reasserting playbacks did not always work correctly and sometimes snapped rather than faded. (#0001988)

Recording from DMX Input did not work as expected when using Hog II Warp mode or any mode that showed the Record Option toolbar. (#0001895)

Fixed problem with patching media servers using the CHOOSE MEDIA SERVER method with media servers that spanned more than 1 universe MagicQ would patch over the universe boundary.