Chapter 183. Version

183.1. New Functions

183.1.1. Catalyst

Improved Catalyst personality and personality thumbnail retrieval. The original thumbnail retrieval algorithm is still available by setting the version number in Setup, View System, View Media to 1. Any other version number will use the new algorithm.

183.1.2. Morphing Multi Part Heads

MagicQ now supports full morphing between multi part heads, from single part heads to multi part heads, and from multi part heads to single part heads.

When morphing between multi part heads, if the new head has less parts than the original head then the excess parts in the original heads will be ignored. If the new head has more parts than the original head then the excess parts in the new head will be a repeat of the parts from the original head.

This also enables easy changing of mode of multi part heads which was not previously possible e.g. when changing a Thomas Pixeline from 18 pixel to 9 pixel mode, or when changing a Chromalec Jarag from 25 to 31 channel mode.

183.1.3. Icons

Modified setting of Icons so that it more closely matches setting of names. Press SHIFT + SET and then choose a window item or playback to set the item for. Once the icon has been chosen it now gets assigned directly to the item without having to press ENTER.

Removing intensity levels from a Cue

Support for removing intensity levels directly from Cues in the Cue Window.

Also added a shortcut for removing an intensity from a Cue similar to the existing shortcut for adding a level to a Cue. Currently you can add a level to the current cue on a Cue stack by holding the S button and typing the new level for the channel e.g. hold S and type 1 @ FULL ENTER.

To remove a level to the current cue on a Cue stack hold the S button and set the channel at the level . . e.g. hold S and type 1 @ . . ENTER.

183.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed lock up that could occur on MagicQ consoles when using the timers and counters in the Pixel Mapper. This problem did not affect Windows version. #0001244

Fixed lock up problem when using ChamNet this could occur if devices were set in ChamNet mode or when the Net Manager window was open. Seen mostly on MagicQ Rack Mount systems but could also occur on MagicQ consoles. All users using ChamNet should upgrade to this version.

In some cases the web log file (magicwweb.log) could get very large and cause disc space problems. Users can delete the web log from the File Manager at any time.

Auto activation of PB1 on start up did not work on MagicQ consoles - all the other activation methods worked fine. Therefore it is possible to work around it using an auto activated macro 1 or cue stack 1. #0001094.

Fixed problem with using Faders with the setting HTP always active together with a release time. If the Cue stack was set as a default playback and the playback was not Page 1 then the playback would not release correctly and could go erroneously to 100% after some time.

Fixed problem with Playbacks set to priority Above Programmer. HTP channels on these playbacks would still get overridden by the Programmer.