Chapter 184. Version

184.1. New Functions

Added new merge option in the Patch - Mul-In. This option multiplies the received input with the console value for the channel. MagicQ can therefore be used as a DMX modifier to modify the level of individual or groups of channels.

184.1.1. Merging of Palettes

It is now possible to merge Palettes from any previous show - you can select the palettes from a specific head or all the heads that match with your current show.

It is possible to select Position, Beam or Colour palettes, or combinations of the three attribute banks.

To import the Palettes, press the LOAD PALETTES soft button in the View Palette window. Alternatively from the Setup Window press the SHIFT + IMPORT SHOW soft button and select Palettes.

184.1.2. Merging of Shows

When you select SHIFT + IMPORT SHOW, MagicQ now gives you simpler menu options of Entire Show, Palettes or Advanced.

Entire Show loads the entire show as separate fixtures, i.e. adding the show. This is an in previous versions if you selected all the Import options.

Palettes allows just palettes to be loaded from the imported show file. There are further options for choosing just some head types and whether to load Positions, Colours and Beams.

Advanced provides the user with all the options as in previous versions. It is now also possible to load the data for only selected head types from the imported show file.

The merging has also been improved when merging shows with Execute Windows and Keyboard Macros.

When merging show data without the patch, MagicQ will now load data for all heads that match between the shows rather than stopping as soon as it hits a mismatch.

184.1.3. Layout Views

The default Layout Views 2,3,4 and 5 have now been removed to enable users to make use of these schemes.

It is now possible to name Layouts according to the standard MagicQ syntax; SET <select item> <enter name>. Previously the name had to be entered on the command line before pressing SET.

It is now possible to record, name and remove Layouts 1,2 and 3 through the three spare hard buttons.

184.1.4. Console Wing IDs

When using MagicQ consoles with multiple Playback / Extra Wings (or multiple Execute Wings) it is now possible to set a Wing ID for each Wing. The required wing ID can then be set in Setup, View Wings to ensure that the Wings are identified correctly and control the correct Playbacks. Previously Wings could swap over if one was reset or they were powered on in a different sequence.

Note that the Wing ID is only supported on new Wings with the most recent Wing firmware). The Wing ID is set by holding the reset button under the armrest of the Wing whilst holding the lower most Page UP and Page Down buttons.

184.1.5. Other Changes

Colour scheme. The yellow colour scheme is now being obsoleted. It is still selectable for use in extreme sunlight conditions, but will be reset to the normal colour scheme when a new show is loaded.

184.2. Bug Fixes

The . Button did not work on the remote devices such as iPhone/iPad/Android.

Fixed problem with lamp on/off/reset shortcuts introduced in The shortcuts erroneously affected all heads rather than the selected heads.

Improved prompts on remote devices to explain that pressing 1 confirms yes, whilst pressing 0 is no.

Fixed bug with morphing from a head with CMY (or RGB) but no colour wheel to a head with CMY (RGB) and a colour wheel. The Cyan base levels would get copied to the Colour Wheel. Any FX on Cyan(Red) would be changed to be on Col 1 rather than Cyan.

Fixed problem with timecode over ArtNet in recent versions. The messages sent and received were incorrect and caused the times to be confused. This is fixed in, but both the transmitting console and the receiving console must be upgraded. #0001769

Fixed problem with the Magic Wand support. From versions to only Magic Wand II protocol would work. Now both protocols are supported.

Fixed problem with Execute Wing set with the top buttons in Execute Mode. The flash function did not work correctly. #0001644

Fixed problem with buttons on Extra Wings or Execute Wings when the flash button is set to toggle and there is a release time. #0001729 Version

184.3. New Functions

It is now possible to morph heads from a multi part head to a head with a single part e.g. from Pixeline 1044 to generic LED, or from Showtec sunstrips to Generic Dimmer. Note that it is not yet possible to morph from single part head to multi part head.

Added keypad shortcuts for lamping on/off and reset. These shortcuts also work on the ChamSys Remote app on iPhone/iPad/Android. Select the heads and then

*++ Lamp on selected heads *-- Lamp off selected heads *// Reset selected heads

Mark Cues are now indicated more clearly with highlighting.

When setting fade times in the Cue Stack when a Cue already contains some fade times, then only attributes (Pos, Colour, Beam, FX) times that are non zero are changed.

184.4. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem with Cue Stack Window when in View Options or View Defaults. Changing between Chase / Cue timing would cause the window data to show incorrectly. Changing View would refresh the data correctly.

Fixed problem with changing between sub menu tabs in the Setup Window sometimes the new sub menu tab would not be highlighted correctly even though the window data changed correctly. # 0000439

Fixed problem when using both an Execute Wing and a Playback/Extra Wing on a system if the Execute Wing was before the Playback Wing in the list of Wings then it would not work correctly.

Fixed problem when using Group Masters together with Cue Stacks set to All Channels Controlled LTP. When using GO on different Cue Stacks the channels would dip down before going to the correct level.

Extended the power off timer on Pro 2010 consoles as the power off was occasionally occurring before the Linux operating system had shut down.