Chapter 185. Version

185.1. New Functions

185.1.1. 32 Universes

The software now supports 32 Universes on MagicQ Pro 2010 consoles. MagicQ Pro consoles and MagicQ Rack Mount Network Consoles continue to support 18 universes.

MagicQ software on Windows, Mac and Linux also supports 32 Universes. This ensures that shows designed for use on Pro 2010 consoles can be programmed offline and also as a backup in case of a problem with the console.

185.1.2. iPhone /iPad app version 2

Added support for version 2 iPhone / iPad app. The version 2 app enables the encoder wheels to control any parameters on MagicQ instead of just pan and tilt. In addition it is now possible to view the MagicQ windows including the Patch and the Outputs from the app.

The version 2 app now includes views specifically designed for the resolution of the iPad the app will automatically detect which product it is running on and adapt the views.

185.1.3. Personalities and Real World Values

MagicQ has been modified so that it is possible to display the attributes in real world values rather than in 0 to 255 DMX values. For example pan and tilt can be shown in degrees.

The personalities have been renamed so that all the personalities now use the format manufacturer_name_mode.hed.

It is possible to remove all old personalities (and all user created personalities) by pressing SHIFT and REMOVE HEADS in the File Manager. This removes all old heads and extracts the heads again from heads.all. Make sure all your user created heads are backed up to USB or to another system before removing all old personalities.

The Personalities in the ChamSys library are now protected to avoid accidental changes to them MagicQ prompts the user before allowing changes to the personalities. In the Head Editor, original ChamSys personalities are indicated by an LO in the tile bar. If the personality has been edited it will only show L.

185.2. Fixes

Fixed problem with Pixelmapping on moving heads with CMY colour mixing rather than RGB colour mixing - the colours were inverted. Now it is possible to have both CMY and RGB fixtures in a grid and the colour will be mapped as expected. (#0000968, #0001193).

Fixed problem with Pixelmapping where it did not indicate if too many pixel mapping layers were patched. It now displays an error message when trying to patch too many pixelmap layers from Outputs Windows, Grid View. The number of patched pixelmap layers is now shown in Setup, View Status, Show Data. (#0000122)

Playbacks on the Playback Buttons on the Extra Wing and the Execute Wing set to toggle, would be released if DBO or the master faders were changed. (#0001021, #0001550)

When running Cue Stacks from the Execute Window, chase speed changes would not take immediate effect. (#0001408)

When copying multiple groups to the Execute Window the cursor selection in the Group Window would remain active after the copy was completed, causing confusion when selecting heads. MagicQ now clears the cursor selection after a move, copy or remove. (#0001526)

Fixed problem with recalling Layout views whereby the offset within the window was not recalled. Affected recent beta versions.