Chapter 19. Version

19.1. Bug Fixes

Fixed rendering of dialog boxes, keyboard, and keypad on external touchscreen on the MQ70 (2019) which were too large.

Fixed reset caused by switching layouts quickly if one of the layouts contains the Plot window.

Fixed using Quick Macro popup with macros that contain SHIFT, CTRL or ALT key presses (such as layout macros).

Fixed softbuttons not getting refreshed when running a macro that uses the SHIFT or CTRL key.

Fixed fading to Track Palletes when using Tracking Type DMX Input.

Fixed problem of syncing of large Cues between Master and Slave console when using Show Format of High Res FX - this only affected Cues with individual timing with large numebers of channels.

Fix for multiconsole operation when Show Format was set to Reduced Mode - previously Cues and Palettes would not be synced between slave and master in this show format mode.