Chapter 21. Version

21.1. New Features

Added new Cue Stack option "Fader Blocks FX on LTP chans". When set together with "Fader controls LTP (IPCB) chans" any channels that are under LTP control of the fader also block FX from other playbacks according to the level of the fader - at 100% they completely block FX.

Added fast menu bar for changing function of Execute buttons (4x3 matrix) on MQ500. Pressing and holding the Execute Page Up or Execute Page Down buttons shows the menu.

Playback of audio from Cue Stacks now has a lower latency from being triggered to starting audio playback using the Qt Multimedia engine. Audio files currently in the Cue Stack are preloaded when the playback is loaded. Pro2014 audio playback will need an additional install step to bring in new drivers for the audio subsystem.

When changing multi element Duplicated fixtures from Dup to Ind in the Patch window, MagicQ now expands the programming from the 1st element of the multi head to the other elements. MagicQ will only expand programming where the 1st element has been used and none of the other elements 2…x have been used. hus programming that already used combinations of elements will not be changed, but programming that only used the first element will be expanded.

Copy and paste buttons have been added to the virtual keyboard - these will transfer the current entered text to and from the system clipboard.

Improved setting of multi element in Grids so if user has not modified it, the grid is automatically recreated to the new multi/single element

In MagicVis different strobe type ranges now produce different visual effects to indicate different strobe types.

21.1.1. MQ70

MQ70 consoles now display a QR code on the WiFi settings tab. This can be scanned with the latest version of MagicQ Remote Control app to automatically connect to the built-in WiFi.

Window sizes other than fullscreen now show properly on external monitors. Monitor resolution and offset is automatically set when an external HDMI monitor is plugged in.

External USB touchscreens now work correctly.

Backlight control and screensaver now are supported.

Power fail warning message now shows when UPS is running off battery.

The desklamp turns off if the power fails, like other MagicQ consoles, to preserve battery power.

21.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem with tracking of Duplicate elements in a Cue Stack where elements 2..x could get removed from the Output.

Fixed problem with timecode tracking whereby when mixing both TC and manual Cues, the Cues played back to timecode might recalculate causing tracked values to snap.

Fixed problem with Setup option Unused Chans Return to Defaults. When set to "Heads without Intensity, only" the channels returned to default even if the head had a virtual dimmer.

Fixed problem with LTP fader crossfading when Setup option Unused Chans Return to Defaults was set to "No" or "Heads without Intensity, only".

Corrected setting of attributes with values when channels had inverts on them - the invert was being added twice thus canceling out the invert.

Fixed Cue Window, View Adv and View Simple which were swapped around in previous beta - affected only.

Fixed adding Group FX to Dup heads in Independent mode - selecting Dup heads resulted in only element 1.

Fixed problem with Cue Stacks in page hold over - moving grand master, submaster or pressing DBO would cause the held over Cue Stack to go to 0%. #0023553

Fixed problem with activation of channels in the programmer for Duplicated heads when Setup, Activate Chans/Heads was set to Head, IPCB, IPC or Col. All multi element channels would get activated regardless of whether elements 2..x were selected. Now modified so that only element 1 will get activated unless other elements are explicitly selected.

Fixed an issue with the output grid not displaying the correct head names for heads with VDIMs.

In MagicVis strobe effects now apply to lens light as well as the beam.

A number of issues have been fixed with the GDTF importer including multi element support, to bring it more in line with the latest version of the GDTF standard.

Fix for LTP stomping - playbacks with only FX and no levels would get stomped even if the Cue Stack option "Stomp other playbacks" was set to "No"

Fixed problem when copying multiple steps from within a Cue Stack to a new playback. The Cue Stack options would not get set correctly for the multi step Cue Stack - this particularly affected the Halt At Last Step - which would get set to "Yes" causing the chase to halt at the last step.

Enhanced the new Cue Step halt setting "No (Ignore TC)" and "Yes (Ignore TC)" to also ignore TC when on a Cue with these settings and the next step is not a timecode Cue at all. This prevents TC jumping back when in this Cue.

Fixed problem with timecode tracking on the 1st and 2nd Cue in a Cue Stack - sometimes the 2nd Cue would execute before its expected timecode.

Improved Cue Only option in Cue Stack so that it works even when Cue Stack setting "Recalculate on jumps" is set to "No".

Fix for reasserting of LTP values when using the "Non Tracked" reassert setting.

Fix problem on MQ500 with S Exeute Playback S buttons getting stuck (and Cue Times window always opening) when fader level held and dragged to change level.

Fixed problem where the MQ70 front-panel hardware keeps resetting when "MQ Wing" is set as "Out Type" in DMX I/O set-up.