Chapter 22. Version

22.1. New Features

22.1.1. Undo

Undo now defaults to both programmer and actions in this version. When loading old shows into this version undo will automatically be set to programmer and actions. If required undo can be disabled and will remain disabled when saving and reloading the show.

Added new undo option "Undo programmer. Action via Ctrl Undo". This option enables undoing of the programmer by pressing UNDO. To undo actions press CTRL UNDO.

22.1.2. FX tracking out

FX tracking has been improved to enable individual FX to be tracked out in Cues with different fade out times for different FX. Previously there was only the option to track out all Cues (by removing the "F" from the Cue Track field). A work around was to record zero size FX - but this meant that the FX remained in the Cue which complicated the FX view and used up valuable FX.

FX in Cues can now be set as "Track Out" - page right to the "Track Out" field in the Cue, View FX and Programmer, View FX views.

When a Cue executes a FX with "Track Out" set it removes the FX for all the channels in this FX from the playback. The parameters of a "Track Out" FX are ignored - except for fade out times - the FX will continue to run using the parameters it was using before until the fade out completes. The FX will fade out using the FX Out time in the View Times view unless the "Fade Out" field in the FX is changed from "Default" to a specific time.

The "Track Out" FX do not need to exactly match the original FX - but it would be normal to copy the original FX and set it to "Track Out" to ensure that all the channels from the original FX are tracked out.

It is possible to have both "Track Out" FX for an old FX and at the same time new FX for the same channel in a Cue. Channels from the new FX will ignore the "Track Out" for the old FX and will crossfade from the old FX as per previous software.

Track Out will work for both normal FX and Group FX.

22.1.3. Cue and Programmer Views

The View FX views of the Cue and Programmer windows have been modified to make SIMPLE VIEW even simpler so that for larger shows it provides a better summary and for novice users it provides only the most important parameters.

The original SIMPLE VIEW that shows FX attributes is now referred to as MED VIEW and can be accessed by pressing SHIFT and MED VIEW. The ADV VIEW is unchanged.

In the Cue Window with VIEW TRACKING it is now possible to edit non tracked values - in previous versions no edits were allowed.

The Cue Window, VIEW TRACKING has now been improved to show Group FX tracking.

22.1.4. Other changes

The show file format now defaults to the higher resolution FX in this version. When loading old shows into this version the higher resolution FX show format will automatically be enabled. If required it can be disabled and will remain disabled when saving and reloading the show.

Increased size of first column in Cue Stack, TC Tracks window to make easier to cursor select.

When Cue Stacks are set to timecode or are using TC tracks then the current timecode values with offset is now shown in the title bar.

Added new options in Setup, Windows, Message Window to avoid flashing the display when showing console messages.

Added new options to Halt settings in the Cue Stack window for specific Cue steps to ignore incoming timecode. Double click on Halt field to get the new options. The options "Yes (Ignore TC)" and "No (Ignore TC)" are the same as "Yes" and "No" except that when these Cues execute the incoming timecode will be ignored.

Added support for moving and copying automations in Macro, View Automs. It is possible to move single or multiple automs.

When the setting Encoder Mode is set to "Maintain Pos, Col, Beam", it is now possible to press the Group, Exec or Output button a 2nd time to force the encoders to that Window. It is still possible to use the action of pressing SHIFT and the window button to force the encoder as in previous versions of software.

It is now possible to set a default mark / move when dark time through an option in Setup, View Settings, Cue Storage, Default mark/move when dark time.

22.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed display of messages in the Message Window on the MQ500 so that it can be placed on chosen monitor.

Fixed display of flashing messages on MQ500 so that they flash the blue backlit numbers.

Fixed cloning of heads - if you cancelled out of the Clone options selection it still attempted the clone.

Fixed col tags when heads were unpatched - the col tag remained associated with the DMX channel if a new head was patched to the same channel.

Fixed problem whereby when MagicQ had a link to Capture visualiser and the Capture software was shut down the console would become slow until the Capture DMX universes were manually disabled.

Fixed problem on MQ500 when TC Tracks are playing back using execute playbacks flash buttons 16 to 30. Flash buttons presses would interfere with users recording and naming cues.

Fixed problem when assigning a macro to a key on the multic console slave console - Magicq registered the key pressed on the master console.

Fixed problem when moving pages with Cue Stacks with TC Tracks in multi console mode. If pages were moved on the master console then any references in TC tracks to that page would not get updated on the slave console so it would become out of sync until a full resync was forced. If pages were moved on the slave console then the TC tracks would reference the wrong playbacks in the master and hence the show would not work until the pages were moved back to their original page.

Fixed for problem when a FX palette has been recorded as a Group FX on single element heads and then is played back on multi element heads set as independent elements. Previously only the 1st element would get the FX.

Fixed problem with tracking of intensities when jumping around in a Cue Stack with Cues track field was set to "H". Also fixed problems with tracking when activating Cue Stacks not at the first Cue. #0022057

Fixed problem with tracking of elements 2..x of duplicated heads when jumping around in a Cue Stack.

Fixed problem with importing FX libraries when UNDO was set to UNDO ACTIONS - some of the FX would not get imported correctly.

Fixed selection problem when reselecting heads using ALL - if further heads weer selected then the heads restored using ALL would get lost from the selection.

Fixed problem when using encoder E to modify Cue Stack TC flash button times (also in Macro, Data window)

Fixed problem whereby when running a show with Page Holdover active and loading a show without Page Holdover set caused the playbacks to continue to indicate holdover even though nothing was holding over.

Fixed problem when cursor selecting all TC track items in Cue Stack, View TC by clicking on the column head and removing - the last item was not removed.

Fixed problem moving items between two different Exec windows #0015572

Fixed problem where a Cue Stack had a time code offset - TC events would show the wrong event being executed even though the events were executed correctly.

Fixed display of Executes on MQ500 Single Panel Mode

Improve display of Archive status in Setup, View System, View Status, Show File to only indicate archive fail if programmer changes have been made.

Fixed problem in recent betas with moving multiple cells in the Output, Plan View using encoders X and Y.

Fixed issue where using Focus Line on a console with MagicVis connected would cause the line to jump around. This bug was introduced in v1.8.4.3. #0023226

Fixed problem with RDM discovery on MQ80 causing resets. This fix is in both the MQ80 software and the MQ80 firmware. The MQ80 firmware needs to be updated to version v1.1 included in this MagicQ software download - see the manual for instructions.