Chapter 25. Version

25.1. New Features

MagicQ MQ80 has now been expanded to 48 universes from 24 and supports RDM on the four DMX ports. All MagicQ MQ80s previously manufactured by ChamSys can be upgraded to the new software and firmware to take advantage of these new features. To enable RDM support the firmware upgrade procedure should be followed. V1.8.4.4 MagicQ software includes CH346_V1.00.hex firmware in the firmware folder.

Added support for storing of Focus Hold and Focus Line data within palettes. If Focus Hold or Focus line is active when recording or updating a Palette then the point or line information is stored in the Palette. When recalling the palette the current Focus Hold or Focus Line position will be updated to that of the palette.

Added new Pan Dim Xfade and Tilt Dim Xfade FX that crossfade the intensity in and out whilst the pan or tilt snaps back when the intensity is 0%.

25.1.1. Outputs Window, View Plan improvements

Added zooming, vertical and horizontal scrolling to the standard Outputs Plan View window. Items in the window now are coloured according to the colour tags when col tags are in use.

The Multi Head, Grid Type (Head or Group) and MagicHD Pix options have now moved into View Grid, Grid Options.

It is now possible to set a transparent background to the Grids. In View Grid select View Options and Set Background. To clear the background select View Options and Clear Background. The image will be scaled to the overall size of the grid. When the window is zoomed only the relevant part of the background will be shown. (Note the background is not currently available on MagicQ remote control - this will follow in the next software version).

25.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem with editing tracked Cue Stacks. When editing a Cue with FX that is tracking through to the current Cue channel levels and FX could get stuck on and would not get released. This affected versions to (#0020805)

Fixed issue which created an empty group when patching fixtures with vdims.

Fixed a few issues when working with shows with more than 127 universes patched.

Fix for selecting Duplicate elements from Outputs Window, View Plan - previously deselecting elements did not work correctly.

Fix for soft buttons when using MagicQ to remote control another MagicQ system.

Fix MagicQ reset which occurs when a show is loaded while a remote app is connected.

Fix corrupted status display and button state on remote app while multiple remote apps are connected.

The group, position, colour, and beam windows, and the playbacks bar, now support editing of existing names with the SET button.

Fixed an issue with the cancel buttons on the model import dialog and output grid insert head dialog not functioning. (#0022516, #0022269)

Fixed an issue with MagicHD thumbnail generation on certain media files. (#0022351)

Fixed head search engine not accepting channel counts over 255. (#0022314)

MagicHD media conversion had previously been disabled on MacOS by mistake. It has now been restored and should work as normal.

Fixed an issue with colours flickering when "fader controls FX size" is in use. (#0022246)

Fixed an issue with VDims interfering with FIT TO OBJECT function, causing items fitted to a circular truss to wrap around twice. (#0022231)

Fixed an issue with the last row of the execute grid not appearing. (#0022151)