Chapter 26. Version

26.1. New Features

MagicQ now supports a timecode offset field for each Cue Stack. This can be used to add a positive or negative timecode offset to all timecode values within a Cue Stack including all TC Tracks associated with that Cue Stack. For example if the Cues in the Cue Stack have been set to respond to timecode starting at 0/0/0 and the timecode received actually starts at 2/0/0 then setting the timecode offset to 2/0/0 will make the Cue stack correctly respond to the received times. Similarly if the Cue Stack has been set to respond to timecode starting at 5/0/0 then and timecode is actually received starting at 0/0/0 then setting a timecode offset of -5/0/0 will have the desired effect.

The timecode offset is set in Cue Stack options, Advanced. Note that all the Cues will still show their programmed timecode values but an offset will be applied when playing back or recording timecode.

MagicQ now supports an option to automatically activate and release Playbacks according to the current received timecode. To use this feature set Setup, View Settings, MIDI & Timecode, Timcode activate/release to either Act/Rel TC Playbacks or Act/Rel TC playbacks at full. MagicQ will activate and release all playbacks on the current playback page that contain timecode depending on the received timecode.

Note that when this option is enabled, Playbacks that are in the range of the incoming timecode can not be released.

26.2. Bug Fixes

Controlling encoders in the execute window via AUTOM triggers has been improved. If the trigger level is lower than 50%, the encoder decreases, and if the trigger level is higher than 50%, the encoder increases. Issue #20939.

Fixed problem with 16 bit attributes for duplicated elements in Duplicated heads. The 2nd or above elements would not process 16bit fades correctly.

Fixed some issues when jumping timecode back to the start of a Cue Stack before the timecode of the first Cue in the Cue Stack and running forward - in some situations it would not execute the cues correctly.

Fixed an issue that was causing the cue stack info window to appear scaled incorrectly when opened with the CTRL+CUE STACK shortcut. #0021575

Fixed an issue with timecode macros not recognising numbers above 9. #0021711

Fix an issue where fixtures with duplicate elements but a single colour control had no colours shown in the visualiser.

Fixed touchscreen calibration dialog only appearing on one monitor of the MQ500.

Fix issues with windows not refreshing when moved.

Fix an issue with loading execute grid names. #0022040