Chapter 28. Version

28.1. New Features

28.1.1. Window Sizing

MagicQ now supports a Window Size dialogue box to enable the window position and window size to be selected directly with one press directly rather than stepping through all the possible window sizes and positions.

The window size dialog box can also be opened by double clicking on the titlebar of the window that you wish to size. On MagicQ consoles the window size button SIZE (ALT EXEC on MQ40/60/80 and ALT PATCH on MQ500) now opens the Window Size dialog box.

The old style window positioning and sizing is still available by pressing SHIFT + SIZE. Previously SHIFT + SIZE made a window external - but this has not been needed for many years as MagicQ has had a dedicated EXT button.

MagicQ now allows sizing of windows to 1,2 or 3 rows when using the LEFT (1..4) and RIGHT (1..4) window sizes. By default they continue to size as before - filling the left or right side automatically, but you can now specify for each window whether they should be restricted to 1,2 or 3 rows.

If you only have LEFT (1..4) windows opened then they will automatically spread across the whole width - so this new option is available on the left column, on the right column or across the whole width.

When you set a window to size of LEFT (1..4) or RIGHT (1..4) then you get extra options in the Toolbar, View menu to select the number of rows; Default, 1 row, 2 row, 3 row.

The setting is stored/recalled in Layouts and also in the show file.

28.1.2. TC Tracks

Improved editing of fields in TC Tracks view. It is now possible to set both Playbacks and Cue Stacks and to change the referenced Playbacks and Cue Stacks. It is also possible to insert extra steps into the TC Track directly in TC View.

28.1.3. GDTF Import

MagicQ can import head files in the new GDTF format. Use the file manager to select a .gdtf file to import. If the file contains multiple modes a prompt will appear to select which mode to import. After selection the patch window will be shown and the imported personality will be selected. You can then use "patch it", "edit head", and other functions as usual.

Please note that not all features of GDTF are currently supported. MagicQ may use a "best-guess" scheme to attempt to map these to MagicQ functions, or otherwise disable them entirely. A warning dialog will be displayed after importing to indicate if this is the case.

28.1.4. Other Changes

Plot View now allows views to be rotated. This makes rubber banding selection of fixtures on angled trusses easier. The Plot view has new setting for disabling reordering of head selection when using rubber banding to select heads.

MagicVis can now render ultraviolet and lime colour attributes.

If a head file does not have gobo images set then MagicVis will now render a gobo that shows the slot number.

There is a new option for the Fan Mode - "Pan Only - no Tilt". This avoids fanning of tilt attributes. All other attributes can be fanned.

The patch window fixture type buttons now display a count of the number of fixtures with that type. #0021311

28.2. Bug Fixes

Closing the missing MIDI dialog closed MagicQ. Affected version only. #20944

Fix possible reset when "Execute Last Step when released" when last step contains a macro that changes the page.

Fix for duplicate heads when a FX is running on all elements individually - if level is put on first element without and FX then FX is stopped on all elements

Fix for crash in Pixel Map rotating line FX when using grid height of 1.

Fix for MQ500 Execute buttons when set to Macros - they only worked if Macro window was in View Macros.

Fix for issue which caused MagicQ to crash while adding virtual dimmers to many heads at once: #21004.

Fixed a obscure crash which occured when using the "release executes last step" function alongside a cue macro that switched the playback page: #21051.

Fixed a crash when using "View Defaults" from the cue stack options menu: #21280.

Fixed an issue whereby virtual dimmers could be added to fixtures that already had them.

Fix issue that was causing "release executes last step" to execute the first step instead.

Fix issue with scaling values in the pixel mapper being calculated incorrectly.

Fix for live speed control of simple PixelMap FX on large grids. Affected grids with large number of rows or columns where FX was stepping more than 33 steps per second.

Fix for fade in times when activating a Cue Stack after it has been stepped forward or back using >> or <<. Previously it would snap in.

The virtual keyboard now shows the last button pressed in blue again. #0021486

The "import TC timings" file browser now displays folders. #0021503

Fixed issue with macros whereby the top half of an encoder button would get recorded rather than the bottom half. #0021383

Fixed problem where the grand master level could get stuck when loading a show file with "grand master controls CS1" set. #0021474

Fixed issue in pixel mapper where movies wouldn’t center correctly on grids with even numbers of pixels. #0021380

Colour tags are now preserved when morphing heads. #0021411

The quick filtering on the advanced view of the file manager now re-broadens the search when backspace is pressed. #0020735

Filtering in advanced view of file manager is no longer case sensitive. #0020736

VectorWorks CSV import has been updated to account for the new VectorWorks format; it no longer mirrors the Y/Z axes. #0020227

"Set grid size" now shows changes immediately when the grid size is transposed. #0021368

Fixed a crash in the pixel mapper with media 19 (square with border). #0021387

Fixed an out-of-memory crash that occurred when changing the types of imported model objects. #0021328