Chapter 32. Version

32.1. New Features

32.1.1. MagicVis Prism Visualisation

MagicVis now supports the visualisation of fixture prisms (up to two at once). Prisms can rotate independently, using either indexed or continous rotation.

The prism type used for visualisation of a prism channel is determined by which icon is used for it’s ranges. A new class of icons has been added (class 50), which contains a selection of prisms.

Any personalities that have prism channels but that do not yet have any prism types defined will fall back on a default; an 8-facet radial prism in the case of beam fixtures, and a 3-facet radial prism for all others.

32.1.2. Page Holdover

In Two Page Holdover mode, Cue Stacks set to Activate on Page Change will now activate regardless of whether other Cue Stacks are active on that Playback. If there are already two Cue Stacks active then the oldest running one will be automatically released.

Added Cue Stack Macro R999 to release held over Cue Stacks for this playback.

Added Cue Stack Macro R1000 to release all held over Cue Stacks (similar to ALT RELEASE).

32.1.3. Other changes

Added a new option to the FX in the FX Editor "Ignore Unused Palettes". This enables a 2 Col FX which contains all colour attributes to be applied to a fixture without the FX affecting the colour wheels. When running Palette based FX any attributes that are used by the FX but that do not have values in the Palette will have a zero FX applied. When this option is not set then behaviour is as in previous software - the FX uses values from similar fixtures within the FX, or if none uses the attribute default value.

It is now possible to use Group FX on Duplicated Heads. If Include Elements is selected then the Group based FX will operate across all the elements of the fixtures in the group according to the selected Group Spread - Group, All Chans, or Within Chans.

It is now possible to restrict console messages to the net session that the consoles are operating in. Set the option Setup, View Settings, Windows, Messages to Net Session.

32.2. Bug Fixes

Improve handling of Patch changes in multi console systems with large show files to avoid overflowing comms links. Small changes will occur without a full resync, whilst large changes will cause the Slave to resync.

Fixed multi console channel control when using Selected, Programmer, Active, Last Active, One Head on fixtures patched to higher than universe 128.

Fix for multi console control on duplicated heads when using Programmer, Active and Last Active modes.

Increased timeouts relating to initialisation and multi console sync, for when using larger show files. Ensures console that was previously a Master starting on a network without other Masters always becomes a Master.

Fixed status messages in Setup, View System, View status on the multi console status tab. Slave console also now shows more detailed progress information when syncing.

Multi console Sync Auto Takeover mode - handle larger show files so that Slave does not beome master accidentally.

Fix for reordering of timecode Cue Stacks with Cues with the same timecode values. #0019982

Fix for releasing of LTP channel FX that could cause a flick at the end of the release. #0019974

Fix for reset when using Merge column of Patch window on fixtures with duplicate elements. #0020003