Chapter 33. Version

33.1. New Features

It is now possible to record a snapshot direct to a Cue using the REC + FULL shortcut, or in record options by selecting REC TYPE and selecting REC SNAPSHOT. The programmer is not affected by the record.

33.2. Bug Fixes

Fixes to Multi console control (including Net Sessions) when using more than 2 consoles.

Fix to tracking of FX in a Cue Stack - updating a Cue could cause a FX tracking from earlier in the Cue Stack to stop. Affected recent betas.

Fix to Paste function added in which caused a reset when pasting to single cells.

Fix for MagicQ Keyboard Shortcuts - Ctrl copy and paste options were not inhibited until after a restart.

Fix for when using RANDOM order on a FX with duplicate elements.

Fix for Stadium Wing execute buttons 9 and higher - if set to toggle they would activate at 0% instead of 100%.

Fix for detecting number of ports and RDM configuration of ArtNet nodes that support ArtNet 4.