Chapter 35. Version

35.1. New Features

35.1.1. Page Holdover

MagicQ now supports two page holdover whereby it is possible for two Cue Stacks from different pages on a single Playback to be active simultaneously. Previously it was not possible to access Cue Stacks from different pages on the same playback - the playback was blocked until the active Cue Stack was released, or until the user transferred (SHIFT+SEL) the Cue Stack to a different playback.

In Setup, View Settings, Playback set "Page Holdover" to "Two page holdover".

When an active Cue Stack holds over the Playback legend area is split with a small area at the bottom showing the page and name of the Cue Stack holding over. Full access is then available to start another Cue Stack from a different page. The fader and buttons control the new Cue Stack.

When two Cue Stacks are active on the same playback then when changing pages between their two respective pages, the legends will swap around. The Cue Stack from the current page is always shown above, whilst the Cue Stack holding over is always shown below.

To make changes to a Cue Stack that is holding over, first change back to the page it was activated on and then use the buttons and faders.

Page Holdover is best used on the main playbacks where there is full legending of the playback state. On MagicQ Extra Wings, MagicQ Playback Wings and MagicQ Execute Wings the top line of the display shows the name of the Cue Stack from the current page and the bottom line flashes the name of the over Cue Stack holding over.

Page Holdover can be used with Playbacks set with Default Cue Stacks in the same was as with normal Cue Stacks. The Cue Stack from Page 1 of the default Cue Stack can be released from Page 1 or any page where there is no other specific Cue Stack recorded.

It is possible to release all playbacks that are holding over by pressing ALT + RELEASE. There is also an inbuilt macro for RELEASE ALL HOLDOVER which can be assigned to button. ALT + RELEASE does not affect Cue Stacks which are set with "Masters affect level" to "No".

When Cue Stacks are holding over they use up free playbacks in a similar way to the Execute Window - there is an overall limit of 202 active playbacks/executes.

35.1.2. Page Levels

It is now possible to save levels associated with the main playbacks and additional wing playbacks that are tied to the main playbacks. Whenever the main page is changed to a new page it will set the levels for the playbacks according to the saved state - this means that a "Song" will always start with the same playback levels. If the physical fader is not at the required level then the level must be matched before the fader will control the playback.

To save levels for a page go to the Page Window and use the SAVE LEVELS and CLEAR LEVELS soft buttons. The levels are stored in the show file and can be updated at any time using SAVE LEVELS again.

To set ties between playbacks on wings and the main playbacks go to Setup, View System, View Wings and set the required "Tie" fields to "Main".

Cue Stacks can be set to Activate and Release on page change so that when a new page is selected one or more Cue Stacks activated at a required level.

35.1.3. Visualiser Models

MagicVis now includes a library of basic models of people and furniture objects. The demo shows have been updated to includes these models giving an improved demo experience.

The Plot view shows an outline of the model.

MagicVis has a new Drape object. The drape can be sized to fit any space and the depth, wave size and randomness of the folds can all be adjusted. The folds can be parallel up to the top of the drape as if it were hung on a track, or flatten out as though it were stapled to flat timber.

35.1.4. User Settings

It is now possible to set users so that they automatically load user settings for that user when switching users. For each user in Setup, View System, View Wings, View Users, set the "Load Settings" field to "Yes". When changing user the settings for the old user are saved and the settings for the new user are loaded. Settings for each user are automatically stored in settings files named user_xxxxxx.set where user is the user name.

User settings are stored in exactly the same way as using SAVE SETTINGS and LOAD SETTINGS - i.e. including all show settings, layouts and keyboard macros.

35.1.5. Other Changes

Added a new field to personalities - "Longer Name" in the Head Editor. This field is an alias for the short name of the head enabling an improved description of the fixture. The manufacturer, short name and mode continues to be used for the file name.

Support for display and input of lengths in Imperial units – feet and inches and weights in pounds. In Setup, View Settings set Unit of Measurement to display units in Imperial and to accept input in Imperial. When set to metric it is still possible to input measurements in feet using the ' or / separator – e.g. enter 12/ or 12' for 12 foot and 12/4 or 12’4 for 12 foot 4 inches.

When tracking Duplicated Elements, if a Cue has Duplicated element 1 but not other elements, then any other elements that were tracking are removed. This ensures it is possible to go from reduced elements back to control of all Duplicted elements.

Virtual dimmers are now not inserted in the Visualiser.

Added soft button B in Output Plan to return to User Grids from Group Grids quickly.

When moving Groups in the Group Window, Group Masters now follow the moved group.

Added View Names option to Outputs, View Chans, View DMX to make it easier to find specific DMX channel outputs.

In Outputs, View Heads it is possible to press CTRL and SHIFT to see the 16bit raw DMX output values.

When Setup, View Settings, Timecode decode option is set to None, MagicQ now ignores any received LTC or MIDI timecode.

File Manager now remembers the sort option when loading show files.

Increased number of inbuilt col tag colours to 20 and modified the selection box to show the colour. Added ability to sort by col tag as an additional sort option in Patch.

35.2. Bug fixes

Fixed problem with tracking of FX in tracking modes when jumping or stepping back in a Cue Stack.

Fixed problem with recording timecode which would cause the wrong times to get updated if the Cues were in the process of fading.

Fixed problem in Output View when using the filters om soft button B - could get stuck in Park View. Also fixed the soft button D to view all.

Fixed problem with release attributes - these were not getting defaulted correctly.

Fixed problem with Execute Window when setting button type or button colour for multiple buttons - the cursor selection was lost. #0019222

Fix connection to MagicQ wings in Ubuntu Linux. This was due to incorrect permissions of USB devices from version

Fixed issue with inverted projections appearing on reverse sides of objects in visualiser when shadows were turned off.

Modified MagicQ to accept MIDI note on messages with velocity of zero as MIDI off notes. This affects all products.

Fixed Prog, View FX and Cue, View FX views when showing group FX for fixtures without some attribute whereby some rows would be missing - e.g. colour FX on colour wheel fixtures.