Chapter 41. Version

41.1. New Features

Added fixture type selection to top of Patch Window.

Support for setting one or more Cues in a Cue Stack to the current received timecode. Set a timecode value of / into the Wait field. Also supported in TC Tracks and Macro view when setting timecode steps.

Added support for more than 100 items in the Select dialog box with scrolling up and down - this enables more than 100 palettes to be selected for Palette based FX.

Added option to lock crossfaders to PB15 for Stadium MQ500. #0018119

Now that QuickQ provides a solution for basic users, modified MQ40N so it now does not default to Simple Mode on every start up. This enables MQ40N to auto start in Execute full screen mode. MQ40N now becomes the solution for more advanced full lighting programmed installations whereas QuickQ is the solution for basic installations.

Added automations to enable triggering of items in the Execute Window from Automs - Exec Activate, Exec Release, Exec Level, Exec Toggle.

41.1.1. Capturing Palettes from other consoles

Two new functions has been added to the View Palette window that makes it much easier to capture Palettes from DMX input - CAPTURE PALETTE and AUTO CAPTURE.

In order to use DMX Capture the Input Universes in Setup, View DMX I/O must be set up to correctly receive data from the network or from MagicDMX.

In View Palette window use the PREV or NEXT buttons to move to an empty palette. Then use the CAPTURE PALETTE soft button to capture the values of this palette type (Intensity, Pos, Colour, Beam) and record them into the Palette.

If no heads are currently selected then capture is for all heads, otherwise only data for heads that are currently selected will be captured.

For auto capture, press SHIFT + AUTO CAPTURE. MagicQ will now automatically capture a palette of this palette type and save it to a free palette entry every time the DMX input changes. Press STOP capture to stop auto capturing palettes. To use this function with another console first set up the DMX input then press AUTO CAPTURE and on the other console select all the different palettes for capture in turn. MagicQ will detect when it is receiving different data and will record a new palette for each one.

41.2. Bug fixes

Fixed a problem with MagicHD where block artefacts were drawn on the left hand side of the video. This bug was introduced in v1.7.3.8. #0017014.

Fixed reset problem when removing fixtures from the patch when FX were live in the programmer. #0019177

Fixed an issue where the Confirm Save dialog would add an extra .shw to the filename.

Fixed a problem with setting the BPM speed on FX and Chase using the soft buttons where the BPM would be accepted as a time.

Fixed a problem in recent betas in the Outputs Window when using View filters, where the window would get stuck in View Parked.

Fixed reordering of FX with VDIMS. #00017677

Fixed selection of duplicate elements with VDIMS.

Fixes to colour FX to use UV/Lime attribute rather than Colour Speed.

Fix for remote control of MQ500.

Fix for Intensity wheel legend on MQ500 and improve display.