Chapter 44. Version

44.1. New Features

44.1.1. Duplicated Heads

Duplicated Heads gives a very intuitive way of handling heads with multiple elements as a single fixture with a single group and a single personality file.

All personalities in the MagicQ library that control multiple elements have now been converted to Duplicated Heads. Personalities that were previously Before, After, and Repeat have been changed to Duplicated.

MagicQ still supports multiple element heads from older show files and from user personalities, but all new shows and personalities should use Duplicated Heads.

In future versions of MagicQ the support for multiple element heads will be removed and all heads will automatically be converted to Duplicated when the personality/show is loaded.

Improved Prog Window and Cue Window headings when showing duplicated heads. Improved Cue Window to show fixture and VDIMs for the fisture all one one row.

44.1.2. Other Changes

MagicVis now supports AW only colour mixing fixtures such as the Chauvet Strike Sabre fixtures.

Increased number of possible modes per fixture from 30 to 50.

When morphing from a fixture with a VDIM to one without the VDIM is now automatically removed.

Added a new automation to support random selection of Cue Stacks from within a Cue Stack range.

44.2. Bug fixes

Fixed reset problem when naming recording palettes and naming at the same time using a name longer than 15 characters. #0017885, #0018420

Fixed issues with Duplicate Elements, #0018742, #0018793, #0018837, #0018744, #0018819

Fixed update issue when changing between Ind and Dup mode in Patch - the Cue Enginer was not immediately updated.

Fix for keeping Patch col tags when changing DMX address, morphing and cloning.

Fixed display problem in Prog and Cue window when adding Pixelmap FX on dimmers.

Fixed pixelmapping on fixtures with Duplicate elements.

Fixed problem with displayign text on playbacks when using snapshots #0018736

Fixed problem with File Manager advance search #0017017

Fixed problem with user management to ensure new shows are started with correct permissions.

Output View, View Heads = view selection selected/all now changes when you change VIEW VALS/RAW/PLAYBACK.