Chapter 47. Version

47.1. New Features

47.1.1. User Management

Added support for assigning Execute Pages to Users to enable some Execute Pages to be hidden from some users.

Added new user types "Programmer" and "Operator". "Programmer" can record, remove and modify show data but cannot change settings. "Operator" cannot record anything or modify setting.

47.1.2. Duplicated personalities

Independent Mode

It is now possible to set Duplicated heads to operate in a Duplicated or Independent Mode in the Patch, View Heads view - scroll to the right to fins the "Independent" column.

When set to "Dup" elements 2 and above are duplicated from element 1 when they are not explicitly in the programmer or active on a playback.

When set to "Ind" all elements act independently and are made active in the programmer and programmed into Cues.

The default for this field comes from the Head Editor where it is possible to set the "Independent" field per channel. When a head is patched, then MagicQ will use the defaults from the Head Editor for each channel - if one or more duplicated elements 2 or above is set as Independent in the personality then the head will show as Independent in the Patch View.

The setting in the Patch window overrides the setting in the Head Editor, enabling the option to be set differently per head. Users should change the option in the Patch not in the Head Editor.

Other Duplicated head changes

When dupliacated heads are set to Independent it is now possible to Swap them so that the elements are reversed. This was previously only possible with the older style multiple head elements, not with duplicated heads.

Duplicated heads are now supported in the Group grids. By default grids for groups do not contain the duplicated elements. To expand the grid to include the duplicated elements, in View Outputs, View Planuse press soft button C to set Multi Head on, and then press the RECREATE GRID soft button. The grid will then be expanded to include the duplicated elements. Note that MagicQ uses the Width and Height from the Head Editor, View General, Multi tab to determine how the elements are organised in the grid.

It is now possible to set a random order on duplicated elements using REORDER HEADS, RANDOM in Prog Window.

47.1.3. RDM

After RDM fixtures have been discovered in the Net Manager, MagicQ now saves RDM details including the fixture UID, mode and start address into the show file, enabling the configuration of the fixtures to be restored. This enables a RDM lighting rig to be restored to a known state if changes are accidentally made using RDM. In Net Manager, go to view RDM and press DISCOVER ALL and then GET INFO. The fixture data will be stored into the show file when the show is next saved.

When the show file is reloaded MagicQ will load the fixture RDM data but will not act on it - this ensures that once the RDM fixture data has been discovered it is maintained in the show file. To force the fixtures to be configured according to an old show file go to Net Manager, View RDM, and press SHIFT and RESTORE ADDRESS. For each of the RDM fixtures in the show file, MagicQ will try to configure the mode and address to the saved values.

Added support for getting and setting manufacturer specific settings over RDM. In Net Manger select View RDM, View PIDS. MagicQ shows a list of all the PIDs supported by the fixture including the standard PIDs and manufacturer specific PIDS. It is possible to set values into the manufacturer specific PIDs that support it.

Added support for logging of fixture RDM data to a file. In Net Manager, View RDM press View PIDs and LOG RDM. The data is added to the file rdm.csv in the log folder.

47.1.4. Other Changes

Increased number of playback pages from 200 to 500.

Support for Large Text Mode - this increases the font size and reduces the number of rows in the spreadsheet views. In Setup, View Settings, Windows tab and set BIG TEXT MODE to Large.

Improved Stadium Single Monitor panel version on PC/Mac systems to include playback faders and legending.

When a Playback is performing a Move When Dark this is now shown in the Playback legend.

47.2. Bug fixes

Fixed updating of palettes to ensure that any running FX are immediately updated - this affects updating palettes in the Intensity, Pos, Colour, Beam windows, and when using soft palettes in the Execute Window.

Fixed channels that release from Cue Stacks controlled as chases to use the chase time set for that attributes type to fade out before releasing. #0018679

Fix for reset when importing data from files with random/completely incorrect content.

Fix for morphing to fixtures with Duplicate elements.

Fixed problem where Vis items wee not automatically saved after changes.