Chapter 52. Version

52.1. New Features

When moving Pages in the Page Window, MagicQ now automatically modifies Cue Stacks with TC tracks that reference the old Page to reference the new Page.

Ask for confirmation when recording over existing layouts on non-MQ500 systems.

Add support for fan/offset times entry directly into the view cue, view times window e.g 5*+ for 5 second into centre fan

Add support for fan/offset times when using busking rate master.

52.2. Bug fixes

Fixed problem when importing shows that had corrupt advanced Cue timing - now MagicQ corrects the advanced Cue timing.

Fix for display of Intensity in Grid, View Headno+Int for heads with VDIMS.

Fix for Zoom chase staying active in Execute regions when button unclicked.

Fix for Parts on FX in Execute regions, Parts selection was previously not cleared when unclicked.

Fix for timecode input display not showing on PC systems if Midi notes input was also enabled.

Fix for DBO/Grand Master reactivating playback after it had been released by Macro command u.

Ensure that heads are fully expanded when downloading an update from the Tools menu in MagicQ PC without needing to restart the software.