Chapter 60. Version

60.1. New Features

Add support to Pixelmapper for splitting pixelmap output into sections within the same image. Set FX tab, Pos FX to Div X, Div XY and Div Y after Multi Head. In shows that have the PixelMapper already patched, to get the updated text on the encoder you will need to choose the Generic Buitmap FX 3 head in the Head Editor and Reload Head.

60.2. Bug fixes

Fix for MagicVis rendering on the Mac. A change in v1.7.6.4 caused flickering and juddering in the 3D view.

Fix for issue on MQ500 consoles in which MagicQ would occasionally reset a few seconds after startup, on shutdown. Also could cause console resets if the MIDI card drops its connection frequently.

Fix for issue on MQ500s which would sometimes require a restart after changing the IP address for networking to fully switch to the new address.

Fix for colouring in Exec Window, View Exec - clock did not display correctly.

Fix issue in Plots window where selecting large quantities of fixtures would cause the console to lock up.

Fix for Net Sessions. The slave console universes were not enabling, showing "Disabled universes that were enabled in net state SLAVE".

Fix issue where one shot FX would start at the incorrect point. #0016829

Fix for Palette FX changing speed when fixture does not have all the attributes in the FX (e.g. only colour wheel from 2 Col FX). #0016971

Fix progress notifications in expanding heads & icons.

Fix for Patch, View Chans for greater than 128 universes - the window information did not show correctly.

Fix export of shows with groups with elements - incorrect data exported and could cause a reset.

Fix issue when patching fixtures on universes greater than 99.

Improve View Min/Max display with colour highlighting.

Fix to using Grid 100. #0016905

Fixes to Plan, View Grid spare head/group display.

Fix column widths in View Grid window.

Fixes to Drag Move - previously the soft button in the Grid View did not always show the correct state.

Fix for selecting Duplicate Elements from Grid.

Fix MagicDMX DMX I/O input change statistics.

Fix DMX I/O last rx data stats display

Fix reset of Non Middle Min Max.

Fix for FX problem in beta - now withdrawn.