Chapter 61. Version

61.1. New Features

Added support for mixing Heads and Groups within Grids in the Outputs, View Plan. To insert a Group in a Grid copy it from the Group Window into the Grid. Groups in Grids can be used to select fixtures and are also used by the Pixel Mapper to output for all heads in the group instead of just for one head.

Added support for import of patch and Viualiser XYZ data from VectorWorks csv files. In Patch, View Chans select Import Heads and select the required csv file. Refer to the MagicQ user manual for details of fields that need to be present in the VectorWorks data.

Added Export Fixture Positions CSV to MagicVis Reports. This lists the positions and rotations of fixtures alongside manufacturer, model, mode and patch information.

61.2. Bug fixes

Fix for issue on MQ500 consoles in which the MagicQ user interface would freeze for a minute before restarting.

Fixed problem with running Group FX on fixtures with Vdims

Fixed Group FX position FX when using centre in/out and "within" or "all channels" spread

Fixed problem with creating grids from Plots. Head numbers were not generated correctly.

Fixed problem when inserting into Vis from a Grid where the grid was too high for the room - resized to smaller default room.

Fixed problem when releasing a channel from one playback back to a tracking playback which has been jumped or stepped backwards

Fixed the Positions Create CSV… button in the Vis Reports dialog.