Chapter 65. Version

65.1. New Functions

65.1.1. FX

MagicQ now supports new options for Direction - Centre In and Centre Out. This makes it very easy to generate symmetrical FX - previously this required changing the selected head order. Position FX such as circle will automatically invert the pan to create a symmetrical movement.

Centre In and Centre Out can be used together with parts and segments to create many different symmetrical effects.

65.1.2. Fanning by groups

The group fanning has been expanded to support both Group Parts and Group Segments.

Group parts is the same as the previous Group fanning - the fan is applied within in group - i.e. each group is a Part.

Group segments treats the whole of the group as a segment, so if for example 4 groups are currently active then a fan will produce four different positions. All heads within a group will be aligned together.

Group fanning can be used with the encoders to set values. It can also be used with times to create delay/fade effects. For example, select four groups and set fan to Group Segments. Now enter 3 * and select a new positon palette. The groups will each fade in turn to the new position over 3 seconds.

Group fanning can also be applied in the Plot View when using Focus Hold.

Group Parts and Group Segments are selected from the FAN toolbar - press and hold FAN, or press SHIFT + FAN to open the toolbar.

65.1.3. Dragging to move

MagicQ now supports dragging to move items within Windows. Press SHIFT + MOVE to enter Drag Move mode. Items can then be dragged and dropped within windows. Drag Move mode will contirnue until MOVE is pressed again, or BACKSPACE is pressed.

In the Outputs View Grid window there is a soft button to quickly enter/exit Drag Move mode without pressing the MOVE button.

The MOVE button flashes when in Drag Move mode.

65.1.4. Outputs, View Grids

The Output, View Grid view has been improved to show spare heads that have not yet been inserted in the grid in a space below the grid.

For group based grids the spare heads will include any heads from the Grid group that have not been inserted in the grid.

For normal grids it shows any currently selected heads that have not been inserted into the grid. This enables easy inserting of heads into a grid - first select the group in the Group Window and then they will appear below the grid in the Grid View.

For grids that are set to Grid Type = Groups, then the space below the grid will show any programmed groups from the Group Window that have not been inserted into the grid.

65.1.5. Plot View

It is now possible to convert a plot into a grid using the CREATE GRID soft button in the Plot Window. MagicQ takes the heads from the current view and current filter in the Plot View and creates a new Grid in the Output Window.

MagicQ will only create a grid if it can fit all the heads shown in the current Plot View into a grid of maximum size 100x100.

We recommend to filter using groups or selected heads to only include the required heads in the new Grid. If the Plot involves a large number of fixtures close to each other or overlaid over each other then the conversion will not work.

65.1.6. Other changes

When copying Cue Stacks unlinked MagicQ now takes into account linked Cues in the source Cue Stack. Any Linked Cues that are linked to other Cues outside of the source Cue Stack remain as Linked Cues. Any linked Cues that were only linked within the Source Cue Stack are copied to a new Cue, but all of these Cues in the new Cue Stack are Linked together.

Modifed Chase timings so that if delay times are set in Cue stack, Options, Chase Times then these always take precedence over changes to chase speed until either the delay times are set back to 0 or the crossfade % is changed.

Modified Encoder X soft button in Prog and Cue Window to double/half FX speed rather than start/stop FX. FX can still be started/stopped from within the Window data - stop/start on the soft button has been superceeded by FX speed and size masters. The double/half function allows speeds to be modified quickly when initially adding FX.

Improved FX Attack settings so that it warns if Attack is not supported by the FX or if FX Width is set to 50% or greater - Attack is only supported with Width less than 50%.

Made Parts and Segments encoders in Prog and Cue Windows slow encoders.

Added confirmation when changing MagicHD on/off on a Grid. This should avoid users accidentally setting MagicHD to control a grid.

Backup to USB now does extra checking to ensure that the files were successfully saved on the USB stick. Don’t remove the USB stick until Show saved to USB is displayed in the message box. If the message says checksum failed then it hasn’t saved the file. This may mean that the USB stick is broken.

65.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem with Net Sessions when using multi console playback sync - i.e. when multiple consoles can be used to operate one show simulteously. Previously when the Slave console updated its show file it could cause spurious playback changes on the Master.

When configuring Net Sessions, MagicQ now automatically sets Ethernet Remote Protocol to "None" as this could cause problems with Net Sessions. For advanced installs where both Net Sessions and Ethernet Remote protocol to other 3rd party systems is required, Net Sessions should be set first and then the Ethernet Remote Protocol re-enabled.

Fix issue introduced in v1.7.6.3 where windows could not be moved onto the external monitor on the MQ500.

Fix issue introduced in v1.7.6.3 where "Encoders Maintain Pos, Col, Beam" did not work correctly.

Fixed problem when setting Setup, View Settings, Crossfade master function to Sub Master. It also activated CS3. Affected recent betas only. #0016492

Fix reset when using Visualiser set to "Auto Insert and Auto Previs".

Improved performance of Visualiser on MQ500.

Fixed some show file synchronisation issues in MagicVis. Sometimes fixtures would not appear in MagicVis when they were patched, and fixtures would remain after they had been deleted from the patch. Also fixed that the old show would remain in MagicVis after a new show had been started in MagicQ. Fix remote app communication, which would disconnect if the execute window was opened on the remote (broken in - bug #16465.

Fix bug #16442 - reset when using the AUTO GROUPS button in the patch window.

Fix issue when patching virtual dimmers for large multi-element fixtures, which would sometimes fail if the patch contained a large number of fixtures.

Ensure that global tap to time works on a chase when the go jumps out of loop options is set.

Fix bug #15834 - recording a TC track by pressing GO on other playbacks would store incorrect cue numbers in the TC track.

Fix bug #16692 - grand master, sub master and cross fade master controlling CS1-3 would set the cue stack to 100% when the fader was at 40%.

Fix bug #16670 - playbacks window only showed top three rows before needing to scroll down on MQ500.